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Tricks & Treats for a Celebration to “DIY” for

Have the Best Bloody Halloween Bash

By Lucia Rossi

Halloween provides certain excuses and luxuries. Children get the luxury of free huge bags of candy and the excuse of having to eat all that candy so it’s not wasted.

Adults however, get the luxury of legally getting wasted with the excuse of having an awesome Halloween party. Party planning may be killer but Halloween doesn’t have to be just for children.

What makes a great Halloween party? There are 5 essentials assets: people, food, music, decorations, and activities.

You should want your party to be cool, creative, fun and festive. This shouldn’t have to cost a pretty penny either if you plan on going the DIY route.

Firstly, you need your peeps. I don’t mean the marshmallow kind, but you can have them too. You need to figure out who to invite and how many people you can handle in your home. Remember, you’re also feeding all these people. Make it a point for them to notify you if they would like to bring a friend. If you’re planning on getting dead drunk, then make it an adult-only party. Make sure there are sober buddies looking out for you and designative drivers available for your friends. Be responsible. Your house, your rules. Tell people costumes are mandatory for the spirit of the party.


Let’s talk tunes, it depends on your preference. You could find Halloween mixes online, run apps like Spotify or Pandora, or make your own mix of your party favorites. Pick songs that will give good vibes and energy for mingling, eating, and game playing. Maybe consider making two playlists, one for chillin’ out and one for boogeymanning down on the dancefloor.


Décor is a must for a holiday like this. There are so many cheap, easy, and simple Halloween decorations you can do yourself to have your house party ready. Pinterest is your friend, if you can use it to plan your future wedding you can use it for this. Here are some of the best ideas I found:

-Freeze a glove filled with water and add it to your punch bowl.

-Cut a large pumpkin in half, scoop out the insides, place a large bowl inside, fill it with ice, and place beer bottles inside.

-Cut out bat shapes on construction or printer paper and tape to the inside of your lampshades for creepy silhouettes.

-Make hanging bats by cutting out bat shapes from black craft foam, glue on some googly eyes, and hang with a string, or, cut out mini bats with card stock, fold them at the wings, and tape to your walls.

-Decorate mason jars! This 99 cent store item is super useful. Paint it, put lights in it, put candy in it, whatever you like.

-Rip up cheesecloth and place it around your doorways and windows with fake spiders or bones.

-Put mini plastic spiders in your ice cube trays to make easy spooky drinks.

-Pumpkins! Have fun decorating a bunch of all different sizes. Paint funny faces, use glow in the dark paint, use glitter, markers, and stencils.

-Get some white latex balloons and glow sticks. Snap them so they glow, place them inside, and blow up the balloon. With a black sharpie, draw ghost faces!

-Decorate your tables with candy! Use festive jars, vases, bowls and plates.

-Drip red wax over white candles for a bloody effect.

-Put long striped socks with black shoes on the legs of your tables to look like witch legs.

-Use masking tape to draw the shape of a body from a crime scene on your floor.


Alright, you get the idea. The next portion is games. Not everyone has games at their parties, but they should because it will keep up the energy and will keep people from being dead bored. Adults like games too. Here are some fun games to try:

-Create a Halloween Feel Box, put weird foods in the box and have people guess what’s inside.

– Make teams and do Halloween movie trivia.

– Do a “How Many Halloween Candies in the Jar,” game. Have the person who guesses the closest number win a prize.

-Pumpkin bocce.

-Do tarot card readings!

-For eyeball beer pong, draw an eyeball on the ping pong balls.

-When a guest walks into the party, tape the name of a monster on their backs and have them figure out what it is throughout the party by having them ask only yes or no questions.

-Have a witch hat ring toss, throw glow stick necklaces toward witch hats on the floor.

-Make a large candy corn piñata, adults love candy too. And maybe breaking stuff. Drunkenly.

-Get the card game, “Dark Stories,” people have to figure out murder mysteries using only yes or no questions.

-Create your own photo booth or frame for fun picture taking!

-Have a mummy wrap race where whoever wraps someone in toilet paper the best under a certain amount of time wins.

-Play donuts on a string. Although this is typically a kid’s game, who can say no to donuts? Hang donuts from a secure area and have players try to eat a donut, hands behind their backs, without the donut falling off the string.


Since you can’t just serve candy at this party, you’ll need some food ideas:

-Make Halloween hors d’oeuvres by cutting different kinds of cheese in scary shapes, like skulls, bats, ghosts, cats etc.

-Make Halloween burgers by having the cheese cut into Jack-o-Lantern faces.

-Make a veggie platter by arranging the veggies in the shape of a skeleton or pumpkin.

-Turn peeled mandarin oranges into pumpkins by placing a green candy on top as the stem.

-Make mummy dogs! It’s basically pigs in a blanket. Wrap hot wit in Pillsbury dough but leave a slot open for the mummy’s mustard eyes.

-Carve out a funny face on a watermelon and have it spew fruit chunks out of its mouth onto a platter.

-Make eyeball pinwheel wraps. They can feed a lot of people, use what ingredients you like as long as they look like eyeballs when you cut them.

-You can make mummy French bread pizza, just leave space for olive eyes.

-Make a graveyard looking pan of salsa and cheese dip with cracker tombstones sticking out.


Let’s get to the real goods, dessert:

-Make Mad Scientist Jell-O syringes. Just put the Jell-O mix into non-medical syringes and pop in the fridge (note: can be made alcoholic).

-Take chocolate pudding cups, sprinkle crushed Oreo cookies on top, and stick in gummy worms or Milano cookie gravestones.

-Dip strawberries in white chocolate, put 3 mini chocolate morsels to make a ghost face.

-Dip long stick pretzels in green melting chocolate, cut some lines on it for knuckles, and place a sliced almond at the top for nails, to make witch fingers.

-Make a cookie cake pizza with chocolate, peanut butter, and candy corn.

-Make gingerbread or pumpkin spice cookies, but decorate them as voo doo dolls.

-Make mini caramel apples by scooping little balls from the apple and dipping them in caramel using a lollipop stick.


These are besides all the different kinds of cupcakes you could make. Now, let’s get to the best and most adult part of the party, the alcoholic beverages! If you want the full list of recipe details and instructions, check out Buzzfeed’s article “40 Adult Beverages Guaranteed to Make Your Halloween Wicked.”

-Candy Corn Screwdriver: orange juice, vodka, ice, and candy corn

-Apple Pumpkini: pumpkin puree, apple cider, vanilla vodka, ginger ale

-Poppin Strawberry Bellini: Strawberry vodka, strawberry daiquiri mix, prosecco or champagne, fresh strawberries, and packages of pop rocks

-Jell-O worm shots: rubber band straws together and pour in the Jell-O mix and refrigerate

-The Black Lagoon: vodka, rosemary-lemon syrup, fresh lemon juice, black licorice

-Candy Corn Cocktail: Smirnoff whipped cream vodka, sour mix, pineapple juice, grenadine, whipped cream

-Black Screwdriver: black licorice, orange juice, black vodka, orange dyed sugar

-Falle Froggie shot: melon liqueur, Bailey’s, grenadine

-Pumpkin Pie Shots: mini pie crusts, Knox gelatin, pumpkin pie mix, sugar, water, run, cold heavy cream

              There are so many ideas to try, all the time and effort will pay its way in fun you have at the party. Have a happy Halloween!




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