No Reason for “The Force Awakens” Racial Uproar

White People Problems: “I Won’t Support White Genocide”

By Emily Zoda

In the upcoming film “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” racists and trolls all over the internet have awoken to express their outrage at the new black male lead, Finn, played by John Boyega. While many fans anticipate the coming of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” others have said they are boycotting the movie.

People have taken to Twitter to discuss outrage of “anti-white propaganda” being portrayed in the new film. Can you believe it, white people are insulted by not getting a chance to be a part of something? Go figure.

“I refuse to give my money to support white genocide #BoycottStarWarsVII,” writes @normansfriend.

The 2014 Hollywood Diversity Report studied 172 films released in 2011, which included the top 200 grossing movies, and 1061 television shows from the 2011-12 season.

It revealed that the amount of minorities that were leads in films during that time were 11 percent. That’s less than the 36 percent of the population of minorities in the United States. I think white men are doing just fine.

The use of “genocide” to describe a white person not getting the role of a lead character is beyond inaccurate. No director in Hollywood is out to kill white people by using a black man as a lead in a popular movie franchise.

“#BoycottStarWarsVII because white children deserve wholesome movies,” writes @genophilia. “Not more PC anti-white diversity crap.”

You honestly think white children need more movies they can relate to? What about the one Disney movie, “The Princess and the Frog,” with a black girl in it? Mulan’s not even white and she got a sequel. And why is race becoming an issue in politics? Because the color of somebody’s skin is different than yours they are now a politically-charged problem? There’s nothing political about using a human being with a different skin color.

Of course we need wholesome movies. We need movies that teach good values and present strong characters. Being wholesome doesn’t mean you have to be white. It means being a good human being and not taking opportunities away from people who you don’t think deserve it.

By using wholesome in contrast as to why a black person can’t be a lead, you’re saying that black people are nothing but pornographic, animalisitic, and that they’re not capable of holding an important lead role.

By that same standard, most people often overlook that Mace Windu, played by Samuel L. Jackson, was an important character and Jedi Master of the Jedi High Council. Nobody seems to be complaining about that sort of involvement by a black male in the Star Wars movies.

They also seem to forget the underrated James Earl Jones, who voiced Darth Vader in four of the six movies, the TV show “Star Wars Rebels,” and the video game Monopoly Star Wars. Most people are quick to mention Darth Vader when talking about Star Wars which makes the character an indicator of the entire franchise. Yes, this man is black.

The director, J.J. Abrams, is unphased by this outlash against his latest film and defended his stance on the “issue.”

“We cannot wait to share the trailer with you tonight,” Abrams tweeted on the night of the official trailer release. “I don’t care if you’re black, white, brown, Jawa, Wookiee, Jedi or Sith. I just hope you like it.”

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