Goodbye Black Friday…Hello Cyber Monday!

Upgrade Your Savings with Cyber Sales

By Lucia Rossi

Just when you thought you were in shopping shambles after Thanksgiving here comes Cyber Monday to help you relive the consumer confusion all over again.

People have debated whether it is better to shop on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. The truth is, you should actually try to do some of both. They each have certain advantages and disadvantages that can balance each other out when used wisely.


Your first step in action is to prepare. Make a shopping list of what exactly you’re looking for. Try not to buy random things that you know you don’t need otherwise your account will empty out real quick. Focus on the prize and try not to get too distracted. Keep in mind that retailers will raise prices just so they can lower them for days like this, and make it seem like a steal so they don’t lose too much profit.


Although Cyber Monday doesn’t have door buster sales, shopping at home in your pajamas is still pretty sweet. There is no waiting in line at the break of dawn, just waiting for the slow loading wheel to refresh a page.

Cyber Monday is the biggest online shopping day of the year. Online retailers raked in over $2 billion last year, which was 16% more than the year before. It is also the fastest way to get holiday shopping done early. According to Real Simple, 25% of shoppers spend more time than intended buying online compared to the 40% of in-store shoppers.


A really smart way to shop online on an unmissable opportunity like this would be to use price comparing websites to help you get your money’s worth. You can compare current prices of items using apps like Invisible Hand, Red Laser, and Google Shopping.

There’s no reason to be left in the dark when you have unlimited knowledge at your fingertips. You could also check out websites that compare historical prices like, Camelcamelcamel and PriceGrabber. Sites like these track when exactly the price of a certain item have spiked or dropped.

Scope out deals like a hawk using deal forum websites like FatWallet, SlickDeals, and GottaDeal. The people on these websites are deal hunters year round. You could also check out ads from stores and deals on and as well for a more general search of what’s out there.

You may wonder what shopping holiday is best for what type of items. Deal News analyzed their deal archives and found what days are best for each product category. Their findings say that shopping on Thanksgiving is best for Android phones, cameras, TVs, iPads & tablets, laptops, movies, music, books, PC video games, kitchen gadgets, and tools & hardware.

According to them, Black Friday is best for headphones, iPhones, speakers, console video games, and garden items.

Cyber Monday is great for fashionistas because their sales mainly focus on soft goods such as clothing, shoes and beauty products. According to the analysis, Cyber Monday is also good for buying appliances, toys and travel deals.


Where there is online shopping there is also risk. Sometimes you need to see products in person or try things on to be sure they are best for you. Be sure to check out the return policies wherever you shop so you don’t get scammed. You should also take the shipping cost of things into account. Try to get free shipping using promotional codes advertised on the website or from RetailMeNot and be sure not to opt-in for expensive express shipping by mistake. Remember that shopping online means shopping for everyone, nationally and even worldwide. That means if a sale is good, it will be gone fast. Products could sell out while they’re in your cart or when you checkout, try refreshing the page to be sure you got your goods.

You don’t have to get caught up in all the impulse buying and excitement just because everyone else is either. It’s okay to save your money by literally not buying anything or just waiting until all the hype is over so you can shop in peace. There is nothing wrong with that and at least then there would be less pressure for you to spend more.

These deals aren’t do or die and they aren’t worth deep debt. So, try to keep your credit cards out of it.



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