How Feminism Leaks into Music

When Does Sexism Come into Play

By Emily Zoda

Female fronted bands are not as common in emo math rock bands. In today’s society where women are taking up more jobs usually headed by men, of course many people want to hear something different and mix things up in the music scene.

In Facebook group for fans of emo math rock, members frequently post new bands for others to listen to, critique and such. When posting their beloved newfound discoveries of the year, one poster’s comments read: “if your albums of the year list is full of men only, you’re wrong.”

This is the fine line of feminism I hate to see people cross. To some people, feminism means hating men and posing the question wherever applicable if a woman can do the same job a man can. If all you care about in a band is whether the female is a singer or not, are you listening to the music she produces?

It’s a different sort of sexism altogether just for putting a woman on a pedestal, not for the work she’s done or her effort, but for the sheer fact that she’s a woman. Praise be unto her!

Let’s face it: women aren’t great all the time. They’re not perfect, but if they have better skills than their male counterparts, of course it makes sense that they should be praised, given that promotion, etc. Women should not be put in positions they are unfit to be in or praised for a band that genuinely sucks.

What that Facebook poster should have done was critically analyze what they like and don’t like about the band’s music before saying something as ignorant along the lines of not liking something makes you a horrible person. I can like whatever I want, and if something missed the mark for me, I’m going to say so.

Of course, this is not to say all female fronted bands, comedians, editor in chiefs that are women aren’t fit for their positions. They, like all humans, possessed the required skills and had the ambition to break society’s mold of what a woman should be doing and became something better than themselves.

Don’t be afraid to be critical of people’s abilities. You’re allowed to be skeptical of liking something that involves a woman. If someone calls you sexist for not liking a female singer, they’re wrong. They’re the ones making women the most perfect thing on earth when in fact (real woman talking) we’re not. If you’re afraid your image of the perfect woman is going to be shattered because I don’t like this one thing this one woman is doing.

“It’s as if I have some feminist version of beer goggles on,” says producer and writer Lena Dunham via the New York Times, criticizing people who vote for Hillary Clinton because she’s a woman. “Let’s call it estrogen blindness.”

There’s a reason she put her heart and soul into something, and it’s not so that she can go into the world and make people like her just because she’s a woman in a rock band. I’ll give credit where credit is due, but don’t praise a woman for having a vagina.

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