The Do’s and Don’ts of Applying for Graduation at CSI

It’s A Long Process, Take it One Step At a Time

By Briana DelBuono

Getting that diploma is a struggle no matter what college you attend. Here’s what you need to know in order to graduate from the College of Staten Island.

Your first step is finding out where you stand in terms of credits so you need to see your advisor as soon as you think you are ready to apply.

Another option is checking CUNYfirst or the “degree audit” option on CUNY Portal.

“I am aiming to graduate in the spring,” said Gabriella Cataneo, a senior. “But I knew that I needed to figure out what credits I need to take in the spring so I went to my advisor.”

Once you meet with an advisor and they give the “OK,” you need to send in an application to the registrar, which you can do online or at enrollment services in building 2A, Room 106.

Please keep in mind that this will cost you a total of $125.

Deadlines are everything, so make sure you get it in on time. Applications are due for spring and summer graduates on March 1, and October 1 for January graduates.

Ninety-four credits need to be obtained before you can apply for a bachelor’s degree.

Most Bachelor’s degree programs require you to have at least 120 credits with a GPA no lower than 2.0. But each major or department may have a different standards, so be sure to talk to someone within the department or major about minimum GPA requirements.

“I am in the Education Program at CSI and the minimum GPA I need is a 3.0 but to be safe, I try to keep mine above a 3.5,” she said.

Your next step is waiting to hear back from Enrollment Services. They are the ones who are going to review your application and determine your status.

“This is the worst part,” said Stephanie Rivera, a recent CSI Graduate. “You have to wait until the application is fully reviewed, which can take a few weeks.”

You can keep yourself updated with your progress on CUNYfirst.

Once all of the paperwork is reviewed, you will then receive information on getting your cap and gown and you can officially start freaking out about getting a real job.

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