Hoverboards Will Leave You Flying to the Hospital

How the Gift of the Season Will Only Give you Back Pain

By Victoria Priola

Hoverboards were at one time primarily existent in the futuristic dreams of the “Back to the Future” films. Now, these levitation devices were one of the hottest selling Christmas gifts of 2015.

If airplanes and select cities don’t want them, why would you?

Since the latter part of November 2015, the Internet has been filled with videos of people trying out this new technology. 102,000 results arise when the keywords “Hover board fails” is searched on YouTube.

People of all ages, mostly parents and young adults, have tried to successfully ride these boards.

YouTuber Stephen Lee Nott captured his hoverboard going up in flames immediately after usage.

Nott claimed that he charged his board through the previous night, which may have caused it to overheat, but no product should burst into flames moments after being used for a short amount of time.

Luckily, Nott was not harmed, but many others who take a test run aren’t so lucky. Throughout these 102,000 results, people of all ages have tried to successfully ride these boards.

It’s a balancing act most just can’t seem to handle. Why do people keep going back for more, when they know what the end result is?

Because being the weak minded generation we are, we’re attracted to anything with lights. Regardless of the precautions, we’re always looking for the new thrill everyone is talking about.

According to Fox 5 News, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has been forced to issue a statement saying: “The office has heard from hospitals around the country, injuries including concussions, fractures, lacerations and internal organ injuries.”

Most users that are injured from the product fall on their spine and back.

The problem lies with getting off the board. When too much weight is carried to the front or back of the board, it swerves in the opposite direction intended.

If a lifetime of back problems sounds like your cup of tea, a hoverboard is the right investment for you.

Instead of buying a $300 hoverboard, why don’t you do something that can actually benefit you? With the money you’d put down on buying one of these “futuristic” items, you can go on a road trip, take a trip to the beach and actually have some quality of life.

When a scooter costs more than your phone bill, it’s time for an intervention.

Toys R Us sells Razor Hovertack Electric Scooters for $599. Pre-ordering a Electric Scooter 2 Wheels Self balancing Balance Hoverboard Model HFS from eBay costs $7,000.

The free shipping must be a total selling point because 184 people bought them.

According to SFGate, retailers like Target and Amazon have pulled the product from their shelves due to safety concerns.

CNN announced that hoverboards are illegal in New York City, as if that will make them do any less harm. Hoverboards should be banned everywhere and discontinued. If a product is not absolutely perfect, get it off the market until then.

Maybe the perfect hovering object will come along in 2026, but us millennials aren’t able to handle that yet.


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  1. There is nothing wrong with hoverboards some of them are we that is because either some of them are cheap or something is wrong with the person plug like why would you people even care about those in the first place if we get it robbed or it catches on fire or anything like that it’s our responsibility we will pay for the damages or anything that might happen or if we don’t then we should get a huge ticket or whatever don’t put them iilegal for everyone like we ain’t doing nothing bad but riding.

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