16 Things to Do Before the Class of 2016 Says Goodbye

The CSI Senior Bucket List to a Memorable Last Year of College

By Victoria Priola

And just like that, four years have come and gone. Graduation lands on June 2 this year, which means there are five months between CSI seniors and freedom. Before you burn your scantrons and start pre-gaming for the endless list of graduation parties that you’ll be invited to, take some time to reminisce about the college you’ve grown to either love or hate.

1.) Before you say farewell, sit on the benches near the trees in front of building 1C for a while. This area is a slice of Washington Square Park heaven and a great way to strike up conversation with a friend. The background and lighting makes for a great “last hurrah” Instagram photo-op.

2.) Who needs MoMa when we have our local art gallery on campus?

3.) See a movie in the screening room, located on the second floor of 1C, during your break. CAB works all year long to get these films to campus, the least you can do is sit and watch one when you get the chance.

Some of them are fresh out of the cinema, which saves you the trouble of buying an overpriced movie ticket with overpriced popcorn. The dates, times, and titles of the movies shown are listed outside of the presentation room in 1C.

4.) Spend an afternoon looking at the section of the library curated specifically for books published by CSI professors. Who knows? You may have a biology professor with a serious passion for yoga. Do your best to open your mind to knowledge this semester.

5.) Hit up the gym and the pool in the recreational center in 1R. There’s an Olympic sized pool just waiting to be swam in. The open swim hours are listed in the rec center’s office.

6.) If being active isn’t your thing, take a seat and attend a CSI basketball home game. We may have gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to going to typical college football games, but us CUNY students manage just fine.

For a schedule on when you can publicly show your Dolphin pride, go to

7.) Take a walk in Willowbrook Park in between classes. When the summer comes around, the carousel comes on and can make for a great afternoon with friends.

8.) CSI’s Observatory holds stargazing nights for students in astronomy classes to complete labs, but all students are welcome. The Astronomy department runs these events at night to look at planets that are visible from Earth during the evening.

The observatory is located next to the track by the dorms. It’s a small building where Professor Irving Robbins and his assistants take students one by one up stairs and in front of a huge telescope. You’d be amazed what can fit in such a tiny space. The wait will be long but it is definitely worth the visit.

The observatory will be open once a week, according to the CSI website and the times are posted at

9.) Play some tennis in the courts directly next to the dorms. You don’t have to be a Serena Williams, but it is great exercise and something to take advantage of.

10.) Go to the free yoga classes held in 1R. Getting your zen on will come in handy when all your friends are talking about their graduate school applications, and you’re debating on taking a year off to backpack through Europe.

All kidding aside, you may actually find some solace in these hour-long sessions taught by CSI professors. Don’t knock it till you try it.

11.) Take advantage of the free New York Times subscription on campus because it will cost you an arm and a leg later on in life.

12.) Have a coffee at the Cyber Café in 1L. It’s no “Central Perk” from “Friends,” but it’ll do.

13.) Spend an afternoon gazing at the fountains in front, and in back of, 1P.

14.) Join a club you’ve always wanted to join but never had the courage to your freshman year. There’s so many new clubs on campus and no better time to join is now. Spend some time doing what you want to do.

145) Buy a school sweater from the bookstore in 1C. It’s a bit of an investment but you will regret not having one in the future.

You went through four years of hell, the least you can do is treat yourself to a comfy piece of clothing.

16.) Make sure you let people who helped get you where you are now know how much you appreciate them. CSI may be difficult to deal with at times but we all know those select few professors or advisors who made our time here worthwhile.

Wherever life takes you after graduation, there’s no denying that you’re time at CSI will be something to remember.

Whether it was the college you loved to hate, or a place you called home; it will always have a special place in your heart.

It’s also probably going to be a lot easier than graduate school, so live while you’re young and not jaded.

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