CUNYfirst Makes Its Way to the App Store

Newly Launched “MeFirst” Avoids Shortcomings From CUNYfirst

By Clifford Michel

After the stress of finals week, an app for CUNYfirst titled “MeFirst” quietly made its way onto the app store, surprisingly fulfilling its promise of providing a smooth and painless access to CUNYfirst on any iPhone device.

MeFirst is a surprising change of pace from CUNYfirst, notorious around CUNY campuses for its difficult navigation and frequent crashes.

“I appreciate it,” said Hakeem Beckless, who only downloaded the app when the Banner asked him questions about it. “These are things I skip over because the web version is beyond clunky.”

After logging into the app using your CUNYfirst username and password, you’ll be presented with four easy to use sections at the bottom of the screen: “Class Schedule,” “Course History,” “Balance & ID,” “Enrollment,” and “More.”

The “Class Schedule” section is a sleek and easy presentation of whatever courses you’re registered for this semester alongside the time the class is scheduled for and the room number.

The “Course History” function presents your current GPA, the total amount of credits you’ve taken as well as how many more you’ll need to graduate.

It also presents how many transfer credits you have, how many credits are currently in progress, and provides an easy to scroll through list of every grade you’ve ever received at CSI.

The “Balance & ID” section keeps tally of your CSI finances, presenting your tuition balance, pending financial aid, and your EMPLID.

While the app is in its infancy and remains largely unknown by many in the CUNY community, some students who spoke to the Banner gave an enthusiastic thumbs up to the app

“I’m the first to say that anything in CSI or CUNY sucks,” said George Hernandez, a freshman at CSI and an undeclared major. “But I actually use this thing pretty often now.”

Some students, referring to horrible mishaps on their CUNYfirst accounts, said they were hesitant to try out the app.

“CUNYfirst crashes at the worst time for me,” said Monika Pollaski, a sophomore at CSI. “One time I was registering for a class and it just crashed. I opened it back up an hour later and the class is full. So I’ll take a pass on the app.”

The “More” section boasts a few useful tools such as a GPA Estimator, a calendar, an option to apply to graduation, and even make payments. But it opens a web browser within the app to accomplish these tasks and the bad formatting of CUNYfirst returns.

Currently, the app is only available on iOS. A version for Android will be released in Fall 2016.

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