Resident Attacked Outside of Dolphin Cove, Assailant Never Found

Changes in Guest Policy Followed the Brutal Incident

by Clifford Michel

Adamh Barnett, a CSI student and resident at Dolphin Cove, was attacked by an unknown assailant on November 15. His attacker beat him with a bat around 11:30pm resulting in fractures on his face, head, and skull, the New York Daily News reported.

Several students told the Banner that the assailant was looking for someone riding a hoverboard and wearing a gray hoodie; Barnett happened to fit that description.

Barnett was taken to Richmond University Medical Center, where he threw up blood, according to his brother, Ebrima Barnett.

‘At that point I started crying because I didn’t even know the condition he was in,” Ebrima told the Staten Island Advance. “All these thoughts started to rush through my head, I just didn’t know how to deal with that.”

Residents told the Banner that Dolphin Cove has an issue with non-residents sneaking in. the students said that desk assistants do not unfrequently fail to ask students to show their IDs, which are different from the average CSI student’s ID.

Barnett told the Daily News that he partially blamed campus security for the attack, saying that all guests are supposed to be screened when they enter the campus.

“Nonresidents were not allowed on campus and only one entrance was open. His attackers would have had to go through the entrance, which is manned by a security guard,” the News reported. “He said the guard should have checked IDs and barred the group.”

“Barnett added that most outdoor lights on campus were off, which he said is normal at night,” the report continued.

CSI, approached by the News and the Advance, said that they were working with the NYPD, but didn’t comment on public safety’s response.

“The College administration and Office of Public Safety are working closely with the NYPD during their active and ongoing investigation and cannot comment further,” Ken Bach, CSI’s spokesperson, told the Advance. “The College urges anyone with knowledge of the incident to speak with the NYPD to assist with their identification of the alleged perpetrator.”

“We remain committed to working with students, faculty and staff to ensure the safety of CSI’s campus,” the statement read.

Bach did not respond to a request for comment from the Banner.

The attack sent shockwaves throughout Dolphin Cove’s community of some 450 students. Dozens of students posted on a Facebook group page called “CSI GROUP PAGE,” offering their support.

“My boy Adamh will pull through,” one post read.

Dolphin Cove’s management implemented a ban on guests a little over a week after the incident took place, arguing that students we’re breaking the guest policy too often.

In order to provide a supportive academic environment for all residents leading up to and through the final exam period, all resident guest privileges are being…,” wrote McKala Accetura, Dolphin Cove’s General Manager, to all Dolphin Cove residents.

“There have been a number of violations of the Dolphin Cove Guest Policy and this temporary suspension will create an environment more conducive to student success,” the email continued.

Dolphin Cove also updated their guest policy, tightening some of the language and most notably requiring that “each resident is allowed to sign in one guest at a time,” according to an email sent from staff to Dolphin Cove residents.

Interviews with students who live in Dolphin Cove indicate that many believe that it was in response to Barnett’s attack.

Management told students that the mandate to ban guests came directly from CSI President William Fritz.

Barnett’s attack was the second high profile incident to hit Dolphin Cove this year.

In late September a guest at the residence hall, Clive Wallace, made a threat online to residents who complained about his behavior and had resulted in him getting escorted out of the dormitories.

Wallace was arrested.

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