Commentary: New Vending Machine a Nuance

The New Machines all Have Higher Prices for Snacks

By Kinza Khan

New semester normally means change and new things. This semester it’s new vending machines. Were these vending machines really needed, or were they a waste of money?

Judging on how the students on campus have reacted to these vending machines; they seem to be a waste of money. While there wasn’t a huge change to the price, a 25 cent increase seems to bother students.

The new machines work similarly to online shopping. You make your selection and choose how to pay. It gets added to the cart and when you’re finished you pay.

However, the only way to pay seems to be by your dolphin card.

When students try and put a dollar in it doesn’t go anywhere and when you put change in the machine, it comes right back out.

Many CSI students don’t use the dolphin cards as a form of payment. Not only that but there is a minimum balance of $25 that is required if you do put money on your card via credit or debit.

Half the student body isn’t aware of the new vending machines or they just don’t care.

One student in particular had stated that there is no need for these new vending machines when we have computers that don’t even work on campus.

There was no need for the new equipment especially since there are repairs that are needed to be done to the school. For example, many of the computers in the building lounges haven’t worked properly in a long time.

Some of the computers in the library and computer labs don’t work as well. According to some of our students the machines are a lot more complicated.

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