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Why I’m Moving to Canada if Trump Wins

Or at Least Vacationing There

By Lucia Rossi


The moose, the beaver, the polar bears, the beer, the hockey, the poutine, the Tim Horton’s, the French, The maple syrup, the apologies, eh. Canada is clearly the answer to all my problems, and possibly most Americans if Trump wins the election for President.

Ever since I stumbled upon Ron Calabrese’s website, “Cape Breton if Donald Trump Wins,” I’ve been crazy for Canada.

Cabot Trail, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada

Cabot Trail, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada

Now, I don’t want to start any political brawls because I know how exhaustingly long and pointless they can become, but let me just say that Canada is looking really good right now. In fact, I never realized just how good Canada really is until I found Maclean’s article called, “99 Reasons Why It’s Better to be Canadian.”

The article has all kinds of statistics from 2013 as to how Canadians are just always one step ahead of Americans. Frankly, some of the comparisons are shocking.

When it comes to life and well-being, Canadians live an average of three years longer. They have students who score in the top 10 out of 65 countries on OECD tests, and have more people with post-secondary degrees.

Canadians also have a lower suicide rate, practically free healthcare, less divorces, have a lower percentage of people with obesity, consume less alcohol, generally accept homosexuality, have fewer deaths from the cold than the US even though their country is colder, among many other things.

Canadians are successful when it comes to finances and work, however this of course depends on what part of the country you’re in. Overall though, Canada has a lower unemployment rate, have some of the highest ranking banks, provides more social mobility, has currency that is extremely difficult to counterfeit, has lower corporate taxes, have a larger population of people who take public transportation, have jobs that give more paid holidays, and a majority of their millionaires are self-made immigrants.


Environmentally speaking, their weather may be colder, but they get much fewer report of tornadoes than the US does. Did I mention they have seven percent of the world’s renewable water supply? Their shorelines are longer than ours in kilometers and are very beautiful. Canada actually has many beautiful beaches for the summer time.


When it comes to politics, Canada is ranked the 8th most peaceful country, while the US is in 100th place. As a woman, I find it interesting that Canada has more women in their Parliament than we do in Congress. In fact, most of their provincial leaders are women, and they govern more than 87% of the Canadian population. So, who run the world? Girls. They also have had only three political assassinations since 1868 and they’re fine with openly gay politicians.

It was ironic to learn that while our presidential elections cost about $7 billion, Canada’s top five parties have to split the spending limit of $90 million. The US clearly has its priorities straight.


Canada also shows us up when it comes to crime. In 2012, they had 38,700 people locked up in prison while the US had 2.24 million. Canada also does not allow capital punishment so, no one has been executed there since 1962. Mass shootings are very rare there; unlike here in The United States they seem to be all too familiar. They have a lower homicide rate as well as fatalities from traffic accidents, and are less likely to get robbed. More than half of their population even supports legalizing marijuana.


There are so many reasons why Canada is just awesome. It might be a nice change. Calabrese invites Americans to move to Cape Breton in Nova Scotia because it’s “where women can get abortions, Muslim people can roam freely, and the only ‘walls’ are holding up the roofs of our extremely affordable houses.”

Calabrese encourages people to move to Cape Breton specifically because their 100,000 person population is slowly dwindling, their steel mills and mines closed so the unemployment rate is high, and the economy is not that strong. On the bright side, it’s a beautiful island with super cheap housing with acreage, temperature in the 80’s in the summer, has plenty of diverse citizens who speak French, Mi’kmaq, Gaelic, and English, and has a growing tech business. You can check out and for more information.


Moneysense gives very helpful lists as to what places in Canada are the best in ranking, best for retiring, best for incoming immigrants and the best for raising children. According to the list, the top 10 places in order are: Boucherville, Ottawa, Burlington, St. Albert, Blainville, Oakville, Stratford, Levis, North Vancouver (DM), and Quebec.


They even have a checklist for each name saying if they have low employment, high incomes, affordable housing, healthy population growth, access to health care, low taxes, low crime, ease of transportation without driving, good weather, and a strong arts & sports community. Sadly, Cape Breton is ranked 205 out of 209 on the list. According to the list, if you wanted to live in Nova Scotia, the best place would be Halifax which is number 67.

Honestly, I think Canada has something to offer everyone besides their nearly free health care. You can get the best of both city life and country life, beaches and mountains, culture and acceptance, all in one place. Sure, they don’t have that New York City spunk and attitude but I’m sure they would apologize for it. I’ve spent days fantasizing about what could be my possible dream home in Canada using Remember, our currency is worth more there, so it’s basically a 30% discount!   


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  1. Let’s see 65% taxes, a white Obama as Prime Minister (0 expierence), 7 months for an MRI, health care system that is falling apart, everything cost more, lack luster economy, few opportunities for business, 70 cent Canadian dollar and finally no identity. Run away Multiculturalisim is destroying the country club. I left Canada years ago, with 15 other Canadians….

  2. Canada is awesome! I have always had warm feelings for Canadians and I respect them as kind and friendly people. I really want to go and visit the country, to check first the big cities and then go and see some of this breathtaking nature! Thanks for the post!

  3. I only have nice things to say about Canada since I live there. Your article raises good points. You should look at sites, that offer full-detailed accounts of migration from another country. Now with the Trump-crisis it should not be that hard to find some, but to save you some trouble here is a link to one written by a realtor: how to move to Canada. Good luck!

  4. Trump has my vote if they will “Truly Leave” and not loud mouths who talk and no go. but if they go: Then “Thank God and Greyhound..

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