Nick DiPaolo and Kendra Cunningham Deliver Laughs to CSI

Boston Born Dynamic Duo Delight CSI with Comedic Satire

By Briana DelBuono

Kendra Cunningham and Nick DiPaolo poured their interesting jokes into the ears of CSI students, faculty, friends, and family with ease this past Saturday.

Cunningham took the stage with confidence, wearing a blazer, grey dress pants, and stylish red heels. As a Bostonian in her mid thirties, Cunningham had much to say about being single in her social stratosphere.

From joking about the awkwardness of visiting a sex shop in Montreal with her mother, to her not-so-lucky relationship status, Cunningham fulfilled the audience’s need for comedic satire. She has a way with getting in touch with the audience as she talks about life experiences that everyone can relate to.

She sounded almost as if her life was taken out of a Family Guy episode, or maybe it was just her accent that forced me to make the correlation.

Cunningham, an actress, comic, and filmmaker, was cool as a cucumber as she spoke with a monotone “I’m over it” charm. Seemingly in touch with the tri-state area, she explained that she’s been a New Yorker living in Brooklyn for the past ten years. She even has a Master’s Degree in Forensic Psychology;  she is one smart cookie.

A half hour later, Cunningham thanked us for being a great audience and out walked Nick DiPaolo in a casual pair of dark jeans and a navy thermal. His presence alone caused a huge round of applause. I sat there awaiting his first joke, wondering if he would even be funny.

I was pleasantly surprised with his jokes. He warmed up the already warm audience with a joke about how desolate CSI’s campus is at night.

He even called it a “good campus to hide a body.” The audience was in tears.

DiPaolo talked about his commute to the college on the New Jersey Turnpike describing its accident causing signs that tell you not to text and drive.

The over-the-hill comic has earned two Emmy Nominations for his writing and is well known on Comedy Central.

DiPaolo is described as “Gentle as a starved Wolverine and as predictable as a tipsy-hop through a minefield,” the Winnipeg Press said on his website,

Transparent on and off stage, DiPaolo has a real authenticity to him.

He spoke with the same honesty to his audience that he would to his wife in his pajamas behind closed doors. He writes honest material to a fault.

He also told jokes about having to complete the weight loss workout tape “Insanity” with popular trainer, Shaun T. He did a well-rehearsed imitation of the workout junkie screaming, “Stay with! Stay focused!” The audience couldn’t control their laughter.

He touched on controversial topics such as the increased amount of feminists in America. “You feminists have ruined the country,” he joked.

He attributed this increase with the amount of sensitivity the world seems to possess as of late. “Everybody’s uptight,” he said.

DiPaolo made light of topics that people are still afraid to laugh at such as ISIS and the “see something, say something” reminders that are littered throughout NYC.

When he touched on politics, he joked about Trump being the “next Hitler” and then went on to say, “Then there’s Hillary. I’m praying she finds a lump in her neck the size of a grapefruit,” and the audience laughed a little uncomfortably.

He complained to the audience about his insomnia and elaborated that he had tried everything to remedy it but nothing has worked. He talked about how he has just about every item that is sold on late night infomercials.

DiPaolo is the crazy uncle that everyone wants at the Christmas party.

He’s got a great sense of humor and just about anything he finds funny, controversial or not, is added to his material. He has no boundaries and seems to always know how to get a laugh.

I recommend DiPaolo and his opening act, Cunningham, to anyone who wants a good-hearted belly laugh and some food for thought for the next couple of days.


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  1. Over the hill? Just had a scene in s movie with De Niro last night. I’m on Louie CK’s Horace and Pete. Shot a pilot with Dan Soder for Comedy Central. And I’m still touring nationally and have a very popular podcast.
    Over the hill? Wtf I guess I must have invaded your safe space during my set. thx !
    Nick D

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