Republicans Wanted Immigration Reform, But Then Trump Happened

How Donald Trump Ruined the GOP’s Goal of Becoming a More Welcoming Party

By Clifford Michel

Slowly but surely, Donald J. Trump is destroying everything that the Republican Party has worked to become and is deeply affecting state politics in the process.

When Trump announced his candidacy in July of 2015, his speech rambled on and on but one line stuck out above the rest.

“[Mexico is] sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs,” said Trump. “They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

The comment went viral and became the first of many vitriol filled platform points that Trump has turned to in order to rev up Republican primary voters.

The real-estate mogul tapped into a dormant hate that had been buried within droves of Republican voters and he’s decided to run with it. Gone with Trump’s rhetoric, was any chance for the Republican Party to reach a little known goal: to become more pluralistic and welcoming to undocumented immigrants.

After losing the presidential election in 2012, the GOP commissioned a report on itself—an autopsy outlining where the party was failing and analyzing the steps it needed to take in order to fix it.

The report, titled the “Growth and Opportunity Project,” cited the woeful fact that Republicans have lost the popular vote in five of the last six elections.

“The federal wing, is increasingly marginalizing itself,” the report stated. “And unless changes are made, it will be increasingly difficult for Republicans to win another presidential election in the near future.”

The first recommendation the report makes is to reach out to communities other than traditionally conservative voters, citing Hispanic voters specifically.

The 100-page document explained that the Hispanic population is growing rapidly and would become a key demographic going forward for Republicans to survive when the amount of white Americans shrinks to below 50% around 2050.

The authors of the report argue that compassionate conservatism combined with understanding and outreach could win over the Hispanic population.

The report also aggressively championed immigration reform.

“If we want ethnic minority voters to support Republicans, we have to engage them, and show our sincerity,” the report stated.

“Among the steps Republicans take in the Hispanic community and beyond we must embrace and champion comprehensive immigration reform.

“If we do not, our Party’s appeal will continue to shrink to its core constituencies only,” the report read. “We also believe that comprehensive immigration reform is consistent with Republican economic policies that promote job growth and opportunity for all.”

As 2015 rolled around, the GOP began to roll out its deepest and most talented field of candidates in decades.

About 16 hopefuls with exciting ideas and colorful backgrounds threw their hat into the race.

Among them was Jeb Bush: a former Governor of Florida who spoke fluent Spanish, was married to a Mexican woman, and had a plan which led to amnesty and work permits for many undocumented citizens.

Sen. Marco Rubio, a Cuban-American, sponsored a similar bipartisan bill in 2013 with New York Sen. Chuck Schumer.

Bush is out of the race, his policy or anything like it will not be a part of the national conversation for years to come, as primary voters are drifting towards a nativist mindset, unleashed by Trump.

Rubio has backed away from his bill and will not consider immigration reform until the country “secures the border first.”

But Trump’s rhetoric reaches farther than national politics. His ideas have virtually transformed every facet of American politics.

In New York for example, the state Legislature has been debating for a few years whether or not to pass the DREAM Act, which would provide funds for undocumented students who don’t have access to TAP (Tuition Assistance Program).

Every year, the State Assembly, controlled by Democrats, passes it and the State Senate, controlled by Republicans, blocks it.

Last year, Governor Andrew Cuomo linked the DREAM Act with a Catholic School tax credit popular with Republicans. After a heated budget season, both items failed to become law, but this year the atmosphere around the DREAM Act is much different.

Last month state Senate majority leader John Flanagan immediately dismissed any talk about the DREAM Act and killed even the chance of their being a linkage citing an obvious change in the political atmosphere.

“I oppose the Dream Act, and there’s no linkage,” he told reporters after a rally in Albany. “And it’s not the Dream Act. It’s taxpayer-funded tuition for illegal immigrants.”

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  1. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/monkey-cage/wp/2015/02/27/opposition-to-immigration-reform-is-a-winning-strategy-for-republicans/

    “By any measure, fears of (Illegal) immigration are driving many white Americans to the Republican Party. And, indeed, the Republican strategy on immigration appears to have been successful. Republicans now control the House and the Senate, the governor’s office in 31 states, and two-thirds of the state legislatures. They are winning the political war.”

    “An even bigger factor is that the ties of racial and ethnic minorities to the Democratic Party are tenuous. Research by Taeku Lee and myself shows that most Latinos and Asian Americans don’t feel like they fit into either party. In national surveys, those who refuse to answer a question about party identification, those who claim that they do not think in partisan terms, and independents make up the clear majority of both groups. All told, 56 percent of Latinos and 57 percent of Asian-American identify as nonpartisans.

    Even among blacks, there are signs of ambivalence. Almost 30 percent of blacks feel
    that the Democratic Party does not work hard for black interests.”


    “Most Hispanics aren’t single-issue voters when it comes to immigration. A recent Gallup poll found that among registered Latino voters, 67 percent are at least willing to support a candidate who doesn’t share their views on immigration. And 18 percent don’t consider the issue important at all.

    What’s more, many Hispanic citizens have little sympathy for immigrants who haven’t played by the rules. Especially among Latino voters born in the United States, resentment of immigrants who have entered the country illegally can run deep. Forty-two percent of American-born Hispanics disapprove of President Obama’s executive actions to prevent the deportation of illegal immigrants.”

    Reuben Navarette: No Joke: Trump Can Win Plenty of Latinos

    Gee, No wonder why I fall into the Proud Independent group.

  2. If Trump didn’t exist, why he would have been invented:

    How Illegal Immigration Finally Turned Off the Public

    “Why did the illegal-immigration issue launch Donald Trump’s campaign? Why did his recent tense press conference exchange with Univision’s Jorge Ramos please even some of Trump’s liberal critics? What is it about illegal immigration that has finally turned off so many Americans?”

  3. The Liberal Case AGAINST Illegal Immigration:


    This is the Progressive Case AGAINST Illegal Immigration:


    The Conscience Of A Liberal–Paul Krugman

    “First, the benefits of immigration to the population already here are small.
    ” But as Mr. Hanson explains in his paper, reasonable calculations suggest that we’re talking about very small numbers, perhaps as little as 0.1 percent of GDP.

    “My second negative point is that immigration reduces the wages of domestic workers who compete with immigrants. That’s just supply and demand…

    “Finally, the fiscal burden of low-wage immigrants is also pretty clear. ”


    Report: Obama’s Book Says Illegals Can Hurt Americans

    Didn’t anyone in the Hispanic media read Obama’s book? Or listen to when he speaks?

    Barack Obama in his own words from “The Audacity of Hope”
    – Illegal Immigration hurts Black Americans and Blue Collared Workers

    Video Not Working? I wonder why?!? Here’s an Audio Link:

  4. Only Cruz, other than Trump has something to say about the border, about building a fence which has very limited enforcement. Kasich has no plan for the border disaster and both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders want to keep the borders wide open. Trump has just won Arizona voting public that has been under a tremendous strain for years, and millions of illegal aliens have poured through the gaping areas, where nothing exists, but a few rusty strands of barbed wire. Trumps wall will be a major enforcement of concrete and steel stretching as he says 1000 miles, but obviously not needed at natural obstacles.

    Washington, D.C., June 19, 2014: A new study released by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) finds that providing education, health care, law enforcement, and social and government services to illegal aliens and their dependents costs Californians $25.3 billion per year according to FAIR’s report The Fiscal Burden of Illegal Immigration on California Taxpayers. The state’s 3 million illegal aliens and their 1.1 million U.S.–born children cost the average California household — headed by a U.S. citizen — $2,370 annually.

    Protecting the jobs and wages of American workers is a clear objective of U.S. immigration policy. Immigration has been outpacing job growth in the U.S. for decades and is a contributing factor to unemployment, wage attrition, and declining labor force participation. Between 2000 and 2014, two new immigrants were admitted to the United States for every new job that was created by our economy. Between 2007 and 2015, all net new jobs created by the U.S. economy were filled by immigrants, legal and illegal. During the ten-year period between 2005 and 2015, large-scale immigration swelled the ranks of working age adults by 25 million, while the number of people employed in the U.S. grew by just 7 million.

    There is no labor shortage in the United States. Lower skilled American workers have seen the sharpest declines in income. Since 1970, real income for the bottom 90% of workers in the U.S. has declined by 8%. Higher skilled workers are increasingly undermined by mass immigration and guest worker programs. Employers can hire H-1B workers, even when American workers are available or even lay-off U.S. workers in order to hire H-1B workers. There is a popular perception that companies can only hire H-1B guest workers if American workers are not available, and that they are barred from laying-off American workforce and replacing them with foreign workers. These perceptions are bogus. Guest worker programs are riddled with loopholes written by business lobbyists that allow their clients to bring in foreign workers pretty much at will. Current examples of companies laying off U.S. workers and forcing them to train their foreign replacements include Disney and Southern California Edison, that’s if the company like Carrier is moving to Mexico and stealing more jobs from Americans. The Obama government is blatantly abusing executive authority to make an end-run around statutorily mandated limits on foreign workers

    Both Political Parties run by their donors will keep pledging to end illegal alien invasion but it will not happen unless Trump enters the WHITE HOUSE.


    To take the White House in 2016 Republicans must nominate a candidate who we know will govern according to constitutional principles, a hard-liner who and have no allegiance GOP RINO’s or the Democratic sour cream? Trump who is capable of drawing a clear disparity gap with Hillary Clinton and the Democrats on the issues of importance in today’s political environment, and who has the intellect, ability and discipline and a unique toughness to fight Hillary Clinton and win. That candidate is Donald Trump because he will throw at her Whitewater, Benghazi, and the money laundering foundation and at Bill Clinton for all his immoral acts against young women.

    I do hope Donald Trump attacks Ted Cruz wife, because a SUPER PAC anti-Trump super-PAC Make America Awesome was behind the Melania Trump ads and just like the liar Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz is a illustrated he is a liar himself with the Ben Carson voting incident and without any fear of contradiction he probably pushed it himself?

    In the latest ISIS atrocities in Belgium, America needs a strong, unyielding leader as a President Trump. He is not going to hold back like this extreme Liberal President that is on the way out. Nobody will forget the huge deficit he left us with and his elongated golf vacations while millions of Americans have faced unrelenting poverty, or job losses. I am not playing along with a rigged convention, nor am I voting for Kusick or Cruz who have to pay back the campaign donors with their votes, once they have their coronation. And when either claims the Oval office their benefactors will say no and that they need that cheap labor from Mexico. These profiteers don’t care about our National Security even though Middle Eastern coins and prayer mats have been found within our border.

    ONLY Donald Trump is going to build a serious wall, which will certainly inhibit daily surges of illegal aliens and the drugs that are killing our children. Trump found out that New Hampshire has a terrible epidemic of cheap heroin, which is devastating the state. Obama has offered an open door to illegal immigration, just given them a free pass to this Presidents welfare state where everybody get free healthcare, low income housing, cash payments. Both Sanders wants to offer the same public assistance, including free education.

    Some people had to mention Trumps to the Jewish people at the AIPAC, but Madam Clinton uses a teleprompter all the time and becomes fixated on anything she can flip-flop on. Trump is now listening more to his professional advisers and consultants.

    All those multi-millions of people who don’t normally vote, including me and turned out for Trump will also walk away and not vote, if they try to use a sly means through Republican Rule 40 or something to modify it for Cruz and Kasick advantage and then nefarious criminal Hillary Clinton and her female predator husband will be back in the White House. Now Ted Cruz says almost nothing about his wife, who is a director at the Investment Company Goldman Sachs, where Cruz got a loan of a million dollars.

    Cruz chooses dirty games to try and sway voters and stealing Ben Carson’s chance of the presidency. Then John Kusick, Hillary Clinton took money from anti-American, anti-sovereignty George Soros, who also poured money into the arranged demonstration in Chicago and Arizona ugliness.

  6. The base of middle class earners have watched their income drop while the value of the dollar falls. The reduction of interest rates to zero assured those with savings could no longer rely on this modest vehicle of frugality, college expenses and retirement income. Of course their credit card rates range from 9 to 29%, driving them further into debt.

    The counterpoint was huge inflation of the stock market. It wasn’t that long ago when folks doubted the Dow Jones would ever go above 1,000. Today, hovering in the 16,000 range when our industries are fleeing draconian taxes and environmental harassment makes for impending disaster. For the time being, the good ole boys are very comfortable in their lifestyles and the ego stretch of power over the people. Dare anyone challenge them?

    Those good ole boys, even the ones claiming to be “true conservatives,” haven’t been paying attention to the bureaucrats who have created job security fiefdoms covered by tens of thousands of pages of ridiculous regulations born out of their legislation.

    The Founders noted this in the Declaration of Independence. In a long list of complaints against the king, the Founders noted:

    “He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people and eat out their substance.”

    With the trade and industrial unions outraged over their treatment by Obama and his alter egos Clinton and Sanders, does anyone really believe Trump wouldn’t walk all over any of them? After all, he creates beauty, careers, employment and pride of ownership in everything he touches – here and around the world. No wonder they’re scared out of their greedy underwear.

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