The DIY Hacks You Need To Know For This Season

Give Your Room the “Spring Cleaning” It Deserves, In A Few Easy Steps

By Kinza Khan

Who doesn’t love having a  fresh look on things? Spring is coming and everyone, well almost everyone, I know loves spring cleaning and redoing a few things around their home.

Here are a few DIY hacks that are so simple, you could do them in a day.

The newest decorating craze is washi tape. Washi tape is a thin Japanese tape used for designing. By placing strips of washi tape in a geometric pattern on your bedroom walls, you could reinvent your room and give it a little flare.

A set of washi tape goes for $5 on Etsy and they come with an array of different designs. The tape works great for intricate designs that give your room a bohemian vibe.


Geometric style hand painted wall with bohemian elements. (Photo Credit: Victoria Manzo)

Another easy way to re-create a new look in your room would be to add a pop of color. For furniture, you could always find water resistant paint and paint your heart out. By adding a little color you could re-create your ordinary piece of furniture into a new centerpiece for your room.

Shop around thrift stores and you’ll find amazing furniture that you could always dress up by spray painting it.

If you want to add some flare to your wall but don’t want to apply paint directly on it, you can always get wall decals. There are so many different decals available online and in stores.

If you want to paint directly onto your wall, make an outline or template using tape first and then just fill in the lines.

By using decorative boxes stacked on top of each other, you could go from a messy desk to an organized cleared space which looks amazing.

Many boxes have a space where you could label the front, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for in no time. You could also get laundry baskets in fun colors that match your room.

Instead of filling your computer table up all of your papers and making a mess, have everything in folders and label them. If you have a big enough boxes you can put all of the folders in there.

Re-use old cans by using metal spray paint and use those for makeup brush holder. You could also use them for pencils, crayons and anything else you have.

Window treatments make a great addition and it ties the whole room in. You could go for curtains that are either sheer or opaque, depending on the look you’re going for. If you like bolder colors, it’s best to go for opaque curtains. If you want pastel look, opt for sheer curtains.

Throw rugs can always add something to your room and it makes everything more complete. Go for a simple throw rug if you have carpeted flooring or if you have wood flooring go for a patterned rug.

I personally love circle shaped rugs. I think they’re so much fun and they add a whimsical feel to the whole room.

If you tend to have a lot of books, get a used bookcase and re-touch it up yourself. If you like a natural wood look, you could stain it.

Photo credit: Victoria Manzo

Photo credit: Victoria Manzo

Many hardware stores have different types of stain but make sure you follow the directions and precautions that are listed on the bottle or can.

Instead of repainting all of your walls, go for just one bright wall and accent the rest of the room that coordinate with the one painted wall.

You could always brighten up a plain bedspread with decorative pillows. My favorite pillow one is a real-life poop emoji pillow.

Instead of buying art, why not make your own? Get a blank canvas and use a few of your favorite colors to create an abstract design simple lines and shapes. Make sure you use a clear gloss spray sealant in order to preserve what you just created.

If you look online you could find prints in different patterns. Print out a fun pattern and just frame it up.

You could always spray paint a plain frame to add an additional touch.

By using these hacks, like adding some washi tape and decals to freshen up your surroundings, you’ll make your room just as unique, and stylish, as you are.

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