Column: Against All Odds, The Golden State Warriors Have Made History—Now Comes the Playoffs

By Frank Costagliola

The Golden State Warriors carved their names into history as they set the record for regular season wins, but understand repeating as Champions is the ultimate prize.

With 73 wins, the Golden State Warriors continue to widen the gap between themselves and the rest of the NBA, but all of that won’t matter if they can’t come out as champions this season.

The regular season and postseason are two different beasts and the Golden State Warriors’ guard Stephen Curry understands that.

“The regular season doesn’t mean anything at this point,” Curry said during an interview with ESPN. “We have two months to play our best basketball and compete and get it done.”

Now, Curry and the Golden State Warriors are just 16 wins away from capturing their second title, but will have to survive the gaulant that is the Western Conference.

The San Antonio Spurs have again managed to fly under the radar this season and quietly won a team best 67 wins this season.

If the Warriors want to have shot at repeating they will most likely have to face the Spurs in the Western Conference Finals.

The Spurs handed Golden State three loses and the season and will arguably be bigger challenge than their opponent in NBA Finals.

If the Golden State Warriors want to be compared to as the 1995-96 Bulls the must finish the season as champions.

Whether or not fans are ready to admit that is up for debate but there’s no denying that something special is happening in Oakland.

“There are countless things we’ve accomplished this regular season,” Curry said. “I know we can appreciate 73, but hopefully one day we can appreciate the entire body of work that we’ve accomplished. Hopefully we’ll have the Larry O’Brien Trophy next to us here in a couple months.”

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