Project Brunch is Taking Over the South Shore this Spring

The Hot Spot Restaurant Staten Island has been waiting for is here, and it’s Packed

By Diana Porcelli


Photo Credit: Diana Porcelli

The long-awaited Project Brunch has come to the South Shore of Staten Island as of just a few weeks ago. When walking into this brand new establishment, you will be deterred by the long wait time. But keep waiting, it’s well worth it.

According to Urban Dictionary the definition of brunch is “contraction of breakfast and lunch, usually occurring around the hour of 11 AM. Typically reserved for snobs and biddies who like tea and jam.”

Well, boy, does Project Brunch contradict that definition by a long shot.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is a rustic, industrial feel with wooden tables and aluminum siding on the bar area. Their extensive coffee menu is posted on a wall for all to see. Really, who doesn’t like a nice macchiato in the morning or for an afternoon pick me up?

The owners, Jodi Guagliardo and Nicholas Granata have been friends for twenty one years and share each other’s love for a good meal. Their children and family were a big part of making this all happen.

On a Saturday morning, the wait can be anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour and a half. Somehow, I got lucky on a Saturday morning around 10AM and only waited five minutes to be seated.

“The customers eyes explode when they see the food,” said Gabriella Scarmato, a waitress at PB.

Their extensive menu of both lunch and breakfast options will get your head spinning. I had the steak and eggs and a friend of mine had the  “That’s amore,” which is a Belgian waffle with the choice of strawberries or bananas topped with Nutella.

Photo Credit: Diana Porcelli

Photo Credit: Diana Porcelli

As for drinks, they do not serve any alcohol but their fan favorite is a frozen s’mores hot chocolate.

For you health nuts out there, Brunch offers smashed avocado on multigrain toast along with many other healthy and delicious options.

“I feel at home when I come to work,” said Scarmato. “It is a fun staff to work with and the customers enjoy the food.”

This is her second waitress job and regarded as one of her best.

The menu has a traditional feel with a modern twist. If you’re looking for just some plain ole flapjacks, you are able to get them without all the toppings. This is a great place for either breakfast, lunch or both.

Before they even opened their doors, there were 3,000 followers on Instagram waiting to try the new found brunch place. They are already booked for Mother’s Day coming up early next month, and have exceeded their reservation limit. Literally everyone and their mother on the Island is flocking to it.

For the most part, they are reasonably priced.

Of course with being a new place, there may be a few kinks they need to work out like spacing, but overall the staff was great and the food was delicious.


Photo Credit: Diana Porcelli

PB is redefining “Brunching” for Islanders and we’re loving it. The restaurant  is open from 7AM till 3PM and closed on Mondays.

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