The Island’s New Beauty Store That You Need to Check Out

Ulta is the Go-to for Affordable Make up and Other Beauty Products

By Briana DelBuono

The Ulta Beauty store, located in the Charleston Shopping center in Tottenville, has everything you need, from make up brushes to make overs.

The convenient store has everything beauty related imaginable. Let’s just say, you won’t walk out of there empty-handed. The prices are really affordable too, so you won’t  spend your entire life savings.

Ulta offers a huge variety of beauty supplies for your face, skin, and hair.

The store divides itself into sections; a name brand, aka the expensive section, on the right and a department store brand section on the left.

It also has a salon and brow bar in it as well. A blowout at the salon is $27 and a brow tint from the Benefit Brow Bar is $19.

With brands such as Urban Decay, Naked, NYX, bareMinerals, Revlon, Maybelline, NYC, and Too Faced available, there is something for everyone in every price range. If you’re wondering if they have perfumes and colognes, your prayers have been answered because they do. You’re welcome.

Ulta is a no- judgement zone. All makeup lovers, experienced and inexperienced, are welcomed.

Thinking of dragging your boyfriend with you? Well, men are more than welcome, too!

“We have guys come in for male products or just to shop around for someone,” said Ulta Beauty Advisor Angelica Marchese. “Our customers range from 10 to 70 years old.”

Having worked at the 12,000 square foot beauty store since it first opened in early December 2015, Marchese explained in an interview what she loves most about the store.

“I love makeup and sharing my knowledge of it and other products with the public,” she said. “I applied to work here because I love everything about the store and what it represents. I’m constantly in here buying products. I take a strong interest in what we have to offer.”

The store is open from 10AM to nine at night every day except Sunday, when the store opens at 11 AM and closes at six at night.

“It gets really busy in here,” Marchese said. “It’s only not crazy during the morning when we open up.”

Intimidated? Don’t be! The store is chock full of beauty advisors such as Angelica who are trained on all of the products that the store sells.

“The training for my position is basically the knowledge of the register and just becoming familiar with the store in general as well as the products and services that we offer,” said Marchese.

The Ulta Beauty management team doesn’t sit idly by as their staff struggles. They are there to help.

“I get treated well by management,” said Marchese. “They are very understanding and are always assisting me with whatever I need. Even now I still don’t know everything, but they are always there to help.”

Their salon section  differs from other salons because the staffers are not just trained to do one thing. They are skilled in multiple different areas and are able to help out sales associates whenever they become short handed.

“Our salon has a very friendly staff, that all have knowledge of the store and not just the salon area, but we also have a skin department and a brow bar and we are always helping each other out,” said Marchese.

Customers like this store so much that they are always coming back for more.

“We have repeat customers every single day,” Marchese said. “People from all ages.”

Despite the location, Ulta attracts customers from all parts of Staten Island, not just the South Shore. “The area does not affect the customers that come in,” Marchese said. “We have people from all over Staten Island that come in, even people from out of state.”

If you’re into makeup, or know someone that is, make sure to stop into Ulta whenever you’re on the South Shore. And even if you’re not, and don’t want to make the trip, you can online shop on their website ( where there are almost always buy one get one 50% off sales!

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