The Never-Graduating Graduate

English Department Tried to Play Me, and They Won

By Loren Trapanese

Fall semester of 2015 I took ENL 310 with Professor Suha Kudseih.

I did well on my first paper and regularly participated in our daily group work activities, and I was under no impression that I was doing unsatisfactory work.

Having always been told that absences max out at three, I used up my three absences and carried on with my, “I am kicking ass this semester attitude.”

HAH. No. Mid-December grades were posted and I excitingly glanced over my hard work…to see an F. AN F.

I have never ever ever received an F on anything, hell I don’t even know how to produce F worthy work.

When I proceeded to have a correspondence with the professor, she told me it was due to my absences and poor grades.

Weird because I got a B- on my first paper and never gotten back final paper, but, I never assumed it to be poorly written.

So I huffed and puffed and fought.

I went to my advisor who then involved the department chair. I was determined, and, not to mention, concerned about graduating.

The professor had never given me a midterm warning, at all. She claims that it was because I was doing well mid-semester…well…what happened to a warning after mid-semester?

You know, because I am graduating and I would’ve taken the class in the spring—no that wasn’t a courtesy given to me.

Professor Suha told me she would have to inquire about allowing me to do an extra paper, then, she lied to me (according to my advisor) and told me it wasn’t possible once grades were in.

After much back forth between advisors, professors, department chairs, and putting together packages of my work in that class for grade dispute…I was basically told, “hey listen so, even though you paid, completed assignments, and took the class, we’re going need you to take another class in June to replace the F.” L O L FML.

I was livid.

I am supposed to be graduating and this is your option, your ONLY option for me?

Again, I fought it, or tried too and basically caved. So yeah, I am “graduating” on June 2nd however, I will be taking a nice little summer class for four weeks in June—which not only tempers with my job and ability to pay my bills, but it also ruins any chance I have at being able to accept any internships that come my way.

Thank you, Suha.

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