Here’s The Newest Secret to Bold & Beautiful Brows

Instagram’s Latest Craze Will Leave Your Eyebrows Looking On Point

by Brielle Sparacino

If you’re a beauty junkie, you probably know Instagram-worthy eyebrows are a must have. You know about the best products, the most efficient techniques and the prettiest filters to help you achieve your desired look.

What you may not have known about, however, is the process of 3D microblading. If you think the term alone sounds fancy, that’s because it is.

Unlike an old-fashioned brow tattoo, 3D microblading is a process in which a licensed cosmetic tattoo artist creates realistic-looking brow hairs using a needle that is 10 times smaller than a standard tattoo needle.

Super fine hair strokes are made on the brow bone to help fill in sparse areas, and the results are semi-permanent, which means that they last two to three years.

Elisa Vecchio, 24, is a freelance makeup artist as well as a licensed cosmetic tattoo artist, and she took the time to speak about the process of microblading and why it’s so beneficial.

Vecchio attended the Jhon Jhon Institute in Englishtown, NJ, and took the three-day course required to become an official cosmetic tattoo artist.

Each “school day” lasted about eight to nine hours, and on the first day, the students learned about the type of clients who are eligible to receive the procedure, since certain health conditions can prohibit someone from going through with the process. Depending on a client’s body chemistry, the brow pigment may not hold as well or as long as it would on someone else.

On the second day, the students practiced the procedure on practice skins to get a sense of different hair patterns, and they learned about colour theory and what colours look best on different skin tones.

By letting the colour of the brow pigment sit on the skin, it picks up the skin’s undertone and gives the tattoo artist a good idea of the correct pigment to use during the actual procedure. On the last day of the course, every student practiced on live models to obtain their certificate of completion.

The entire procedure, which takes about two to three hours, begins with the tattoo artist numbing the brows for about 15 to 20 minutes. Next, the tattoo artist measures the client’s brows before drawing their desired hair pattern on the top layer of their skin, and they let the brow pigment sit on their forehead for 15 to 20 minutes.

After the actual micro blading process takes place, a tattoo sealant is applied to the brows to keep them looking and feeling hydrated.

Most clients receive two sessions – the first session for the entire procedure, and the second session to touch up the brows after they’ve had time to heal – but depending on the client’s desired look and overall brow thickness, it may take up to three or four sessions.

The process is fascinating and definitely worth every penny, but the procedure is a very pretty penny at that. Most cosmetic tattoo artists charge around $750 to $800 for a single session, and provide the touch-up session free-of-charge.

If you’re not fully satisfied with your God-given eyebrows and don’t want to spend 20 minutes a day filling them in and perfecting your arch, this procedure is perfect for you. While it is a serious investment, it really helps to boost a client’s confidence and self esteem, according to Vecchio.

When practicing on live models for her course, she encountered women who haven’t had proper eyebrows for a significant part of their lives, and when the procedure was over, these women became emotional at their transformation. “[The procedure really] makes them feel like themselves [again],” said Vecchio.

3D microblading is unlike any other cosmetic tattoo strategy on the market, but it is still an up-and-coming procedure that not many women (or men) know about.

There are only a handful of people across the country who are licensed, certified and able to showcase their work for potential clients online, let alone in Staten Island, and many well-known cosmetic tattoo artists are based in Canada and/or overseas, so these countries receive a lot more clientele since people are willing to travel.

Vecchio, however, believes that the process of microblading will definitely take off. “[The process] is all about making [the client’s] lives easier.”

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  1. I like the article, it i very interesting. I had always troubles with my eyebrows so I decided to have my first microblading
    And I am so happy about that, it looks so natural and I wake up every monrning with perfect brows.

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