What Is The Hype Over Celebrity Airport Fashion?

Celebrities Dress to the 9s to Prepare for Takeoff

by Brielle Sparacino

Since summer began, some of the only posts on my social media have been candids of A-list female celebrities strutting to and from the airport in the chicest outfits I’ve ever seen.

An abundance of fashion blogs have posted these ensembles on their websites with a “Get the Look!” tagline, but here’s the deal: I don’t get what all of the hype is about.

I’ve been on dozens of flights in my lifetime, and I can tell you that the number one priority when traveling is comfort, regardless of the distance.

Whenever I head to the airport, the only outfit you’ll catch me in is a loose-fitting t-shirt or hoodie, leggings or workout tights and a pair of converse sneakers or slip-on sandals.

I usually bring a trucker hat and sunglasses as my only accessories because the entirety of my vacation destinations have had warm, sunny weather year-round, but those are considered necessities to me.

What I don’t consider to be necessities are three-inch heels and jeans that don’t stretch. With that being said, here are some of the most expensive (and unconventional) outfits I’ve seen celebs wearing this summer.

The first celebrity on the block is Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, world-renowned supermodel and actress. In early June, the model was documented by wearing a $2500 velvet embroidered bomber jacket by designer Magda Butrym, an unpriced classic white tee,  Paige Denim Hoxton Unfinished Edge Jeans in the style Tenley ($229) and Gianvito Rossi Patent Leather Sandals ($790).

Whiteley topped off her look with Jennifer Fisher Square Hoop Earrings in gold ($250), a Céline bag hanging fashionably off her arm and Céline sunglasses shading her gorgeous grey eyes.

While she looks fresh off the runway as opposed to fresh off a flight, her entire outfit could pay for a year and a half of my tuition, which is kind of unnecessary.

Next on the block is Olivia Palermo, an American socialite, actress and street-style icon. On July 8th, reported on her airport fashion choice.

The A-lister was seen wearing Perverse Dawn Patrol Sunglasses ($45), a Zara Straight Dress with Faux Leather Piping ($20) and Moncler Gamme Rouge Muguet Sneakers ($748). A beautiful burgundy Hermès bag complemented the outfit, but what really stole the show was her Rebecca Minkoff Pearl Embellished Wes Moto Jacket, which retails for $1,198.

Palermo did end up wearing that same jacket to a couture show a few days later, so she was able to able to get a bit of wear from it, but the entire outfit just seems so unconventional for a trip to the airport. I will give her credit for wearing sneakers, though.

Our last celebrity on the block is the one and only Victoria Beckham. The former Spice Girl and fashion mogul is rarely caught by paps without being dressed to the nines, and once again, she has not disappointed.

On July 18th, posted Beckham’s most recent airport look, which was a black-and-white tweed suit accented with satin lapels on the suit’s jacket.

She strutted through LAX in black stilettos, her jacket covering her top’s plunging neckline.

To finish off her look, she rocked a short-strapped shoulder bag, a gold watch and oversized sunglasses.

The prices of the individual pieces to this ensemble weren’t listed, but I have a pretty good idea that I could sell her watch and receive enough money from to travel Europe for a week.

Don’t get me wrong, all of these women have great fashion sense. They know what looks good and what doesn’t, and they know what to do to make something look good, but you can’t tell me that they are completely comfortable in what they’re wearing when traveling takes up 25% of their jobs.

Sure, they don’t have to lug their suitcases and carry-ons through a crowded airport (since they have people to do that for them), but wouldn’t it be nice to kick off your $1 Old Navy sandals, roll your Nike hoodie into a ball and fall into a comfy, peaceful slumber on your private jet instead of sitting rigid for seven hours?

Celebrity airport fashion has only evolved over time, and it’s a concept that common folk like you and I will most likely never completely understand.

It’s aesthetically pleasing and thoroughly entertaining to see celebrities showcase the latest trends right before stepping on a plane, but I think I’ll stick to my oversized hoodies, worn-out leggings and Nike slip-ons, thank you very much.

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