Why Electing Donald Trump Would Be A Crime Against Humanity

The Biggest Decision Millennial Voters Will Ever Make

by Jessica Passione-Sanchez

In the sweltering heat, thousands of people pack into the arena, periodically erupting in chants of “USA, USA!” while they wait for their enthusiastic leader to make his grand entrance. His stage is usually decked out in American flags in show of the mock patriotism he feels for the country he unforgivingly tears down with his intolerant rhetoric.

Summer of 2016, an important time for campaigning before Election Day in November, is spent by Donald Trump dividing the American people during a period in our country’s history where unification is more crucial than ever.

“Donald Trump made his way through a very competitive primary because he spoke not like your typical politician but just plainly like an everyday American and speaking plainly is exactly what the American people will anticipate in the course of this election,” said Trump’s running mate, Mike Pence, in an interview with Chris Wallace on August 14th.

“But more importantly they’re going to have a president who tells them exactly what’s on his mind and the American people are going to hear him loud and clear.”

We definitely hear him loud and clear but that isn’t something to be proud of.

Trump’s campaign has brought out the racist, xenophobic and misogynistic skeleton of this country. He reveals bones that serve as reminders of the prejudices that thrived in this country long before I was born. Prejudices that I was convinced were annihilated decades before my generation would be able to vote.

Yet here he is, spewing nonsense that is deemed trustworthy and considered speaking “like an everyday American.” What Americans are Pence referring to? What class of human is he referring to?

Despite the clear lack of political knowledge and poise of other legitimate candidates who have come before him, the era of Trump continues to thrive simply because he declares that he is going to, “Make America great again.”

Once more, it seems sensible to question which period in time it is that Trump is referring to. Is it the time when minorities were treated as second-class citizens? This certainly isn’t the forward and inclusive thinking that has lead our country to progress the way it has over the course of 200 years.

Is this some type of reference to the job market?

Trump relishes in the fact that he is considered a successful businessman. I encourage his supporters to remember that he is running for President of the United States, not CEO of the United States. While both titles appoint someone as a chief executive, the jobs entail two very different things.

To be a truly successful President of the United States you must be willing and able to protect the rights of the people around you,  even if they are of a different race, religion, or occupation than you.

This value can’t be taught, you either believe in it or you don’t.

This is something that Trump has shown he is lacking whenever he chooses to attack women, Muslims, Mexicans, journalists, veterans, prisoners of war, or people with disabilities. There is no doubt that this list will grow within the upcoming months.

History is meant to keep humanity from repeating the same mistakes. Are his supporters completely blind to how devastating a man like Donald Trump can be if elected as president? Lest we forget Adolf Hitler who reigned in post-war and post-Great Depression Germany.

Though he brought economic wealth to the country, it resulted in an “us and them” mindset that ultimately led to the slaughter of millions of Jews. Having that mentality divides a country and is the biggest and brightest red flag.

This egotistical, inexperienced and alarmingly trigger happy man cannot be trusted as The Leader of the Free World and he certainly shouldn’t have access to the nuclear weapons he so publicly proclaims his fascination with.

Hillary Clinton, a seasoned veteran of public service, is the best chance this country currently has at progression, more importantly, she actually knows a thing or two about foreign and domestic policy.

We’ve fought wars against our common enemies and amongst ourselves to defeat the core values of Trump’s campaign.

Although he is a Republican, does he really represent the values of Republicans across the country, or do they simply not want Hillary to win?

I encourage everyone to realize that voting against Donald Trump is not only a political decision but a moral one as well.


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