People are Going Mad for “Mad Love”

Early 2000s Musician JoJo Has a Comeback Album That Doesn’t Disappoint

By Brielle Sparacino



Remember JoJo? If you don’t, allow me to refresh your memory; she was one of the most talented artists in the early 2000’s.

At 14 years old, she released her first-ever full-length album self-titled JoJo, and slayed the music industry with her extraordinary vocals.

Two years later in 2006, she released her second album, The High Road, before mysteriously withdrawing from the music industry for nearly ten years until she debuted a collection of three brand new songs in 2015.

While her so-called “tringle” did well within the online community after it was released, her fans felt truly blessed when she announced her third official album this summer, titled “Mad Love,” which premiered on various music streaming services on October 14.

The first track on the album is called “Music,” an ode to what has helped her become the person she is today. This heartfelt ballad might have you tearing up as you listen to her voice break while belting the song’s emotionally-charged lyrics. Although it is much slower than many of the other songs on the record, it is easily one of my favorites.

The next track on the album is called “I Can Only,” featuring Alessia Cara. This track will have you feeling unapologetic about the amazing person you are.

“Mad Love’s” the third track is called “F*ck Apologies” featuring Wiz Khalifa, which is actually JoJo’s first single off the album.

While it originally debuted in the summer, it hasn’t gotten old yet. This song will have you lip-syncing into your hairbrush in front of your bathroom mirror; I know I’ve done it.

The fourth track on the record is called “FAB,” featuring Remy Ma. In this catchy tune, JoJo is actually calling out all of the Fake A** B******” in her life, and Remy Ma helps her out by laying down her own verse. I’ve got to say that while this song is definitely a bop, it’s not one of my favorites from the album.

However, “Mad Love,” which is the fifth track on the album as well as the album’s given name, is all-around fantastic. Like “Music”, this one is a ballad, and JoJo uses it to spill her feelings about a special someone. Her vocals are insanely powerful in this tune.

The sixth song from “Mad Love” is called “Vibe,” and I can genuinely admit that this is another of my favorites. Set to a super danceable backing track,  this song basically states that girls have game and can play boys too; it’s a complete ode to girl power at its finest, and I absolutely love it.

The seventh track on the record, “Honest” is another ode to girl power and it shuts down the double standards women tend to face when they mess around with more than one guy. “It’s not promiscuous, it’s just owning it” is a line that so many young and adult women can relate to, which is what makes JoJo such a beloved musician.

The eighth song on the album is titled “Like This.”, It feels like a throwback jam from the 2000’s, but with a modern twist.

This addicting, seductive track is reminiscent of the r&b tunes you used to listen to in middle school, but it’s also totally appropriate to play at a house party or a mellowed-out nightclub.

This tune is one that’s so catchy, you won’t be able to get it out of your head for days.

The ninth track,  “Edibles,” is another seductive song and according to an interview with, it is about “getting high and having sex.” If you didn’t already have an inkling of what the song could be about from the title alone, you definitely pick up that vibe (no pun intended) when you hear it in full.

The tenth tune on “Mad Love” is called “High Heels,” and let me tell you, if you’re listening to this while walking down the street, you’re going to start strutting instead. “High Heels” definitely showcases JoJo’s vocals in all of their glory. With a bit of a rock edge, this song will make anyone feel like the badass they know they are in their heart.

The eleventh and final song on the original version of the album (there is also a deluxe version featuring four extra songs) is called “I Am.” This song tackles the self-esteem issues that all of us currently face or have faced, and it’s a reminder to always love yourself and to realize that you’re worthy of love.

This song is a perfect ending to such an amazing album.

JoJo really outdid herself with this record. Every song is catchy and some are emotional, but all are relatable. By the look of things, it seems that this time she’s here to stay.


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