Multiple On-Campus Crimes Reported in October

Administration Alerted Members of the CSI Community About the Incident

By The Banner Staff

A public safety car parked outside of 2A.

A public safety car parked outside of 2A.

A male suspect recently spent his evening exposing himself to several women on CSI’s Willowbrook campus.

The suspect fled on foot towards lot 5. The individuals who reported the suspect to the Office of Public Safety were physically unharmed.

The indecent exposure incident occurred on October 26 near the rear entrance of 1R, CSI’s Sports and Recreation building, according to an email from the College’s Office of Finance and Administration.

The email addressed to the entire college community described the suspect as a male in his teens to early 20s with brown hair. The suspect, who witnesses say is about 5’8 to 5’11”, was wearing a black hoodie, black pants and black sneakers

Earlier This Month

One successful and one attempted theft occurred on a gravel parking lot near CSI’s soccer field this past week, according to an email sent by the College’s Office of Public Safety.

A cell phone was taken on October 17 from a car parked adjacent to the soccer field on the gravel, the email said; the window to the car was left open.

There were no witnesses to identify a suspect.

On October 20, in the same area, “a suspicious male was observed trying to open the doors of vehicles in the same gravel lot adjacent to the soccer field. This male was scared off by a visitor to the campus,” the email said.

“He was last seen heading across Loop Road towards Willowbrook Park,” the email continued.

According to the email, the suspect was male, 5’9 and 170 lbs. He was seen wearing a light colored hooded sweatshirt, dark pants and a dark baseball cap.

The note—which was signed off by CSI’s Director of Public Safety, Robert Wilson—offered several safety tips to stu


1.) Thefts from vehicles can happen anytime, day or night. Park in well lit, heavily traveled areas.

2.) Close and lock all windows and doors when you exit.

3.) Never leave valuables in plain sight. (Phones, GPS units, coins, charging cords or other small items can be enough to invite the thief).

CSI’s Office of Public Safety is in 2A108 and can be reached at 718-982-2111. Public Safety also provides escorts.

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