CSI Launches New Publication in Spring 2017

School of Business Creates Editorial for Business Savvy Students

By Danielle Padalino

A newly launched student magazine, Get Down To Business, will give students a unique opportunity to get involved in the world of trade, markets, economics and entrepreneurship.

Tian Richards and Caitlin Fontana, both juniors, were unanimously elected co-editors of the magazine. Richards and Fontana founded Get Down To Business in collaboration with the School of Business this fall.

According to the editors, the magazine’s first issue will come out in spring and will be designed as a hard cover, high gloss edition.

Richards and Fontana said that the publication will give students a platform for discussing trends, news, and innovations in the world of business.

“Our goal is to help students gain knowledge outside of the classroom about all the facets of business,” Richards said.

“The publication will give writers the opportunity to hone their writing skills and have their work published, as well as the chance to conduct research in the field that interests them. To readers, the publication will offer helpful articles regarding personal financial management and professional development, as well as insight into the various realms of the business world.”

The scope of Get Down To Business is significantly narrower than that of CSI’s student run newspaper, The Banner.

Articles in the first issue will give readers a comprehensive understanding of the world of business and the tools students need for success after college graduation, making the publication a useful resource for students in a variety of majors.

“All students, whether they are business majors or not will find something that interests them in the publication,” said Nicolette Guida, an English major at CSI and a staff writer for the magazine, said.

“Membership is open to students of all majors and interests, so this publication will display a diverse group of ideas and perspectives about the business world.”

The controversial merger of telecom giants AT&T and Time Warner, tips for writing professional resumes that will increase a student’s potential internship opportunities, and the types of jobs students can get with a bachelor’s degree in marketing are all story ideas that will be featured in the first issue.

Richards and Fontana have created the publication under the advisement of Nancy Guo, an assistant professor at CSI whose marketing expertise has aided the co-editors in running the magazine in the best interests of readers, writers, and the CSI community.

“I believe that this publication can create a venue that attract students interested in business,” Guo said in an email.

“The publication will provide readers with cutting-edge coverage of new business practices, trends, and techniques in the fields of marketing, accounting, finance, economics, and management.”

The idea of a student publication dedicated to business had been floating around the Marketing Club, but it had not been put into action.

Upon learning this, Richards and Fontana worked with the Coordinator for Student Leadership Development, Robert King Kee, to make the idea into a reality.

The issuance of a charter for Get Down To Business was the culmination of a grueling approval process, in which the co-editors had countless meetings with Kee, wrote several drafts of the publication’s constitution and, finally, pitched their idea to the Publication Board.

Despite the difficult process, the founding staffers are more than excited to get started on the process.

“I hope we can create a dynamic forum to facilitate effective dialogues between business and nonbusiness students,” Guo said.

“I hope we can raise the student body’s general interest and understanding of the business world to prepare them to be the leaders of tomorrow.”

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