Despite Offensive Woes, Giants Continue to Win

By Frank Costagliola

The New York Giants’ defense has propelled the team to their best start in nearly a decade, and there is no reason why it can’t continue.

While the Dallas Cowboys might be the feel good story of the season in the NFC East, the New York Giants have quietly put together a five game win streak of their own and now have positioned themselves to make the postseason.

It’s also not out of the realm of possibilities that the Giants could win out the division either.

While the Cowboys are currently riding a historic nine game winning streak, the G-Men did hand the Cowboys their only loss on the season.

In addition to that, the Giants will have another chance to gain ground on the Cowboys when they play again on December 11th, which can have tremendous implications on the division title.

With that said, the Giants’ offense has an area of concern for the team all season long, despite their winning streak.

Quarterback Eli Manning has shown flashes of what this offense can be at times, but overall has been way to inconsistent.

Furthermore, the Giants run game, which ranks 31st in the league, has been a real issue for the team on offense.

The Giants defense on the other hand, is the reason why this team has enjoyed as much success as they have all up until this point in the season. The defense, which ranked last a year ago, was completely overhauled during off season, and has been tremendous dividends for the team thus far.

Each one of the Giants’ seven victories this season has come by the score of a touchdown or less. The Giants defense has secured almost all the victories for the team so far and has proven that it can be a crutch the offense can rely on.

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