The Ins and Outs of Dealing with Rejection

How getting fired might actually be a good thing

By Victoria Priola

Victoria Priola, former Lifestyle’s editor at The Banner has decided to join the team once again! As a 2016 graduate, Priola has seen a slice of life from the “other side,” if you will. Her goal is to attempt to prove that in some way, somehow, CSI might actually prepare you for real life.


The best-case scenario when landing a job is actually keeping it. Unfortunately, life is not a series of best-case scenarios.

Getting your first, serious job after college is equally the best and scariest thing that will happen to you. If you’re doing what you studied in school, that’s fantastic, but being in the working world means you have to get everything right the first time.

Your boss will not grade you on a curve. If you mess up, you run the risk of being fired or looked down on by your employer.

I applied for a job that was in my field that I knew I was under-qualified for. I was really shocked and excited when I got it, but from my first day on, I was uncomfortable and felt I wasn’t meshing with the office culture and content.

Sure enough, I lost the job within the first month.

Losing my job, especially since it was the first gig I was ever fired from, was hard for me to deal with.

I spent hours trying to figure out what I did wrong and was about to give up on my career in general. If I could get fired from a job in the first six months after graduation, maybe I wasn’t good enough at all?

Then it hit me: rejection might not actually be that bad.

Walt Disney was fired from his first job for not being creative, it happens to the best of us. Rejection is a part of life and if it didn’t happen when it did, it would’ve happened eventually.

Whatever you do, don’t let the fear of rejection stop you from going after things in life. Take a good look at yourself and know what you can offer any employer.

To eased my grieving, I sent my resume to other positions in my field that I was overqualified for. Aiming lower than you’d originally planned can work in your favor because you are in the learning phase of your career.
Apply for jobs you can bring your A-game to. Know your skill set and be confident in who you are because in the end, no one is thinking about your rejection more than you.

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