Sex and Relationships

Long Distance Longing

Sexuality and intimacy are possible in your LDR

By Beren Sabuncu

Falling in love is beautiful, but what do you do when the person you are in love with lives across the globe? Many long distance relationships fail due to the restraints on the relationship. Depending on your personalities and the dynamics of the relationship, there are many different ways to keep things sensual and avoid becoming new age pen pals. Apart from the most obvious, raunchy phone and webcam sex, which some people are partial to, here are nine ways to spice up your LDR:

Tip #1: Flirt.

You might find yourself suppressing your sexual urges, thinking that there is no point in flirting if you and your significant other are not going to have sex anytime soon. This can be detrimental to the relationship and one of the major reasons why the LDR does not always work for couples. Go ahead and flirt, talk dirty and be cheeky!

Tip #2: Prepare for Skype dates as you would for an in-person date.

Your time together is very important, make the most of it. Trade your usual style for something sexy. Ladies, show up to that webcam wearing lingerie and red lipstick. Do not be afraid to touch your body. Touch your neck, lips, collarbone—the body language and facial expressions will take the webcam session to another level. As for the fellas, wear that shirt she likes and style your hair the way you would if you were going out on a romantic date together. Pay attention to detail, it pays off!

Tip #3: Be vocal about your needs and desires.

Your words are all you have and that has its upside. Tell your partner what you like and how you like it. Depending on your relationship, you can be raunchy or sweet. Voicing your desires will create a deeper level of intimacy, making the miles between you disappear. If not, it certainly will better your sexual encounters when you do see one another.

Tip #4: Be intimate, always.

Every interaction is vital when you’re far apart. Show and tell your lover how they make you feel. Expressing your feelings is a must in any relationship. Eye contact is another great way of creating a sense of intimacy, even if you are a thousand miles apart.

Tip #5: Compliment your lover.

Give little reminders as to why you are so attracted to your significant other. Your partner’s soul, smile and warm eyes are unique. Reminding your lover that you are still very much attracted to him or her means the world. You should both aim to feel sexy and desired, despite the long distance.

Tip #6: Send nudes and notes.

Send sexy pictures throughout the day so they know you’re thinking of them. There is nothing sexier than knowing that you are always on each other’s minds. Hearing your lover’s voice sends shivers down your spine, so why not take a break from written texts to send a voice note with that picture. This will keep your unique relationship, fresh. Make it a message they’ll listen to over and over again.

Tip #7: Wine and dine together.

Cook some good food, open up a bottle of wine and eat together. It will fortify your relationship and bring closeness, as wine has been known to bring out a rather sensual side in people.

Tip #8: Model for your man.

While getting naked on camera may not be what you prefer, nothing beats a fashion show. Show your long distant lover the clothes you have recently purchased. Pair cute clothes with a cheeky smile and you have got yourself a very happy partner—and a modest little peep show.

Tip #9: Let your mind wander.

Look at you partner and imagine what you would like to do to them, this will show on your face. People tend to unconsciously mimic what they are thinking. Biting your lip while looking at your lover’s mouth is sure to create sexy vibes.

These tips are a sure way to ignite a spark in your long-distance relationship.

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