Beautyblender VS. Silisponge

The Boob-Implant Beauty Tool that is Changing the Game

By: Lucia Rossi

For beauty lovers, enthusiasts and avid makeup artists, keeping up with hot trends is a must. The industry’s newcomer is a beauty blender that resembles a silicone implant.

Korean beauty brand, Molly Cosmetics, has set the bar high with its new and innovative product, the Silisponge. This new product has Americans questioning their loyalty to the Beautyblender.  

I invested in the product to test the claims and see what the hype was about.

The Silisponge works and I would say it is on par, if not better, than the Beautyblender.

There are pros and cons to every product, the Silisponge and Beautyblender are no exception.

Pricing: Silisponge wins by a landslide with a sale price of $9.90, original price $12.00, which is still better than the $20 Beautyblender. I was able to get free shipping on my Molly Cosmetics order, the downside is the company is based in Hong Kong and it took over a month for the product to arrive.

The Silisponge proved to be worth the wait, the results were surprising.

I expected the sponge to fail because I don’t trust anything but the Beautyblender. My skepticism was tested as I blended and I became increasingly impressed with the Silisponge’s results.

It’s all in the details: Silisponge’s silicone texture provides the utmost comfort when applying makeup. Be careful not to confuse the comfy blender for a stress ball, you wouldn’t want to tear it. The sponge also smells amazing with a sweet, floral aroma that doesn’t fade. A clever, comforting touch the Beautyblender lacks.

The Beautyblender allows you to use any edge of the sponge whereas the Silisponge is only meant to be used on one side. The thin plastic seal going around its edge, which doesn’t exactly give a smooth finish, prevents it from being as accommodating as its competitor.

The Beautyblender makes foundation application effortless, but is known to absorb most of the makeup itself. The Silisponge requires elbow grease and patience but comes with the promise of saving product, which is well worth-it given how much concealer and foundation cost. The product is smaller than pictured; it’s the size of a Beautyblender. I’m still practicing how to hold it while gaining the most coverage from it.

With a lower price tag and more efficient sponge, Silisponge wins for the best economical choice in its category.

Be sure to research the application process before using the Silisponge. I accidentally used more makeup than needed on my first try. According to the Molly Cosmetics website, you first use the sponge to spread out product in circular motions. Next, you blend and settle the face by using the sponge in tapping motions. You can fold the sponge into a “point” to get hard to reach corners.

Time for a test-run: It took time but the results were fabulous. The only difficulty was blending small cornered areas, typically underneath the eyes. In this case I used the Beautyblender, a small brush and my finger.

The best part of the process was cleaning the new sponge in the sink. No matter what cleaning product was used, the Beautyblender was never clean enough. The Silisponge only needs soap and lukewarm water! This was a relief and also felt hygienic; you cannot put a price on that.

The results are in: Beautyblender beats the Silisponge in blending time and blendability of small areas, but the Silisponge crushes the competition in cost, overall blending performance, conservation of makeup and the ability to be fully cleaned.

The Silisponge requires time and practice that will permanently and positively change your makeup routine.

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