Sex and Relationships

Does Size Matter?

Quit having nightmares and learn to become her fantasy

By: Alissa Mangiacapre & William Morton

Your third date with a smoking hot girl is coming to an end. Your vibe is on point and sparks are flying. You’re kissing her neck and she’s biting her lip. You both want it and it’s about that time for you to take it to the next level.

You start undressing her and she begins to remove your jeans. Your heart begins to race. All of the sudden—fear strikes and nightmarish thoughts begin to loom. Dark thoughts! Hideous visions of this gorgeous woman pointing and laughing, shrieking and cackling—at you! One look at your member and she’s on the floor, doubled over in hysterics. You haven’t even pulled your pants up before she’s hailing a cab! She didn’t even wait for an Uber!

This nightmare scenario is not uncommon among men, but let’s not let our wild imaginations get the best of us—unless we are trying out some Kama Sutra moves.

It’s no secret that men sometimes feel insecure about what they’re working with and who could blame us? We grow up hearing sexual innuendos and in some cases, taught how to use condoms in Sex-Ed by slipping a Durex over a banana. Not even one of those small plantains, nope—perfectly ripe and well-endowed bananas. It is no wonder that so many of us feel inadequate when it comes to size.

No thanks to America’s favorite breakfast fruit, there is still hope for average Joe’s. According to a study by The British Journal of Urology Research, a panel of experts revealed, when it comes to a women’s sexual satisfaction: Size does not matter! The study found that the average penis ranges from 3.5 to 5.7 inches, nowhere near the size of your average banana! Approximately 85% of women surveyed reported being pleased with intercourse regardless of their partner’s size.

It might come as a surprise that women want intimacy, a mind blowing, pillow grabbing, can’t-even-think-straight climax—and it doesn’t matter if it’s your “member” that gets her there.

Foreplay is key. Tease her. Take your time to caress every inch of her body, don’t be lazy. Glide the tips of your fingers across the nape of her neck. Run your tongue along her inner thigh. Tug at her panties with your teeth. There is nothing sexier than the anticipation of what’s to come. Be gentle. She wants you and that’s all that matters. Besides, women never show up to the bedroom carrying a tape measure—unless they’re about to hang curtains.

Get her in the mood. Porn is often a good tool to help create a sexy vibe, but can also be hazardous to a man’s self esteem. Sexologist and author, Lou Paget, occasionally gives lectures about whether or not size really matters and he explains that men tend to view porn stars as a template and “[haven’t] seen another [average] man’s penis.” Sexually active women on the other hand, have had the privilege of  “observing a cornucopia of sizes.” While you’re watching a dirty flick, remember it’s not the size of the leading man’s package that’s getting your girl aroused, rather the naughty cinematic experience you’re sharing.

The doggy-style position is a foolproof way of making sure your average stature is reaching its full potential. While missionary is great for achieving the perfect amount of clitoral stimulation, granting direct pelvic-to-pelvic rubbing, the angle of doggy-style allows for maximum penetration to occur. This is a great way for you to show off all you’ve got while enjoying a sexy view.
Always get consent and make sure she’s comfortable. Playfully pull hair and stick to a smooth rhythmic pace. If you always aim to please, you will never be plagued with nightmares again.

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