The V in V-Day Stands For Vagina

A Global Movement To End Violence Against Women

By: Beren Sabuncu

Every year on Valentine’s Day, people from all over the world perform The Vagina Monologues as a global effort to help end violence against women. The money raised go to various organizations that help women in need. This year, The College of Staten Island’s Bertha Harris Women’s Center joined the cause by giving a reading of The Vagina Monologues in 1L.

Donations were collected on behalf of Staten Island’s Safe Horizons, an organization that protects victims of domestic violence. The cast includes both students and staff; Alyson Bardsley, D. Belinsky, Krista Casale, Katie Cumiskey, Alyssa D’Agosto, Jane Marcus Delgado, Lucila Farfan-Narcisse, Catherine Lavender, Ashley Olivia, Rebecca Ritz and Janelle Yik.

The women received a standing ovation for their moving performances. The crowd laughed and cried, inspired by the spirit of V-Day. In this case, the V in V-day stands for Vagina.

The Vagina Monologues originally debuted in 1994, written by Eve Ensler, an American playwright and self-proclaimed feminist. Within the monologues, she tells stories inspired by the women she met throughout her travels.

For information about upcoming performances, please visit the Women’s Center in Building 2N, Room 106. 


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