The Wondrous, Painful, Amazing Journey of Pregnancy

A salute to mothers during Women’s History Month

By: Beren Sabuncu

Pregnancy is an amazing process during which the female body undergoes drastic changes. Whether it be weight gain, hormonal imbalances, or simply swollen feet, no-one can say that pregnancy is one of the easier challenges life has to offer.

That being said, it truly is beautiful. Creating a human, quite literally creating a being from scratch, must be magical. Yet, one also has to remember that the decisions mothers make during their pregnancy affect the baby tremendously.

Any unhealthy decision, whether it be overtly and extravagantly unhealthy (such as drinking or doing drugs), or subtly unhealthy (such as eating McDonalds), affects the baby.

The baby’s health deteriorates correlating to the severity of the unhealthy decision. It is an understandably stressful time for the mother and father, and demands an ambitious approach to life.

If one can have a positive mindset while overcoming the adversities of pregnancy, there really is little they can’t do.

In that sense pregnancy becomes a test, a positive challenge (perhaps an oxymoron but accurate), during which a person changes indescribably and irrevocably. Of course, as is the case with all somewhat stressful situations, some handle it with more ease than others.

Regardless, the journey all pregnant women go through is beautiful and all pregnant women are beautiful, simply because pregnancy is a beautiful notion.

Sadly, some mothers-to-be are troubled with mental health problems. Experts say that women are prone to becoming mentally ill during pregnancy or in the first year after giving birth more than at other times in their lives.

If someone has had mental strain in their lifetime, they’re more than likely to exhibit those symptoms during pregnancy. These mental health problems include but aren’t limited to bipolar affective disorder, severe depression and psychosis. Knowing this does indeed make one see motherhood in a completely different light.

The stylish moms, and the moms who work out do so with an unfathomable amount of stress they haven’t previously experienced. It is twice as hard, maybe even thrice as hard, to keep up their pre-pregnancy lifestyle. Mothers have way bigger fish to fry, and that is simply a scientific fact. This makes one appreciate the mothers and ponder in amazement at the strength of their psyche. 

In that light, pregnant performers are near goddesses. There have been, and continues to be, a myriad of pregnant performers wowing crowds all over the world. The more recent one is Beyonce, at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards.

She put on a spectacular show, involving one potentially dangerous trick in which she leaned back in a mechanically secure chair. She has livened up the ‘pregnant performer’ conversation, one that livens up after any pregnant artist’s performance.

People have argued whether it’s healthy or dangerous for the baby. Some say it is inconsiderate of the baby while some rightfully appreciate and support the performance fully.

Nonetheless, performing while pregnant could be considered a powerful example of womanhood. It is in a way ridding the mainstream audience of the wrongful assumption that pregnant women are weak.

Beyonce is one of the most talked-about female performers today, and as such, might’ve performed the most talked-about pregnant performance of all time. Yet, there have been many pregnant performances worthy of noting and knowing.

The stage of the 51st Grammy Awards was adorned with a 9 months pregnant M.I.A. who rapped alongside Jay-Z, and Kanye West.

The amazingly funny and sweet Amy Poehler performed on SNL, on October 18, 2008 while being pregnant herself. Poehler gave birth to her baby just one week after that performance!

The aforementioned artists are only a few and more mainstream amongst the myriad of pregnant performers. It is truly amazing to see pregnancy being acknowledged, lately more than ever, as the powerful state that it is, because it is quite empowering.
So a brief nod of respect is due, to all mothers-to-be and to your own, for all the hardships and challenges they face and have faced. Also, a brief thank you to my editors, because to be writing this article during Women’s History Month is very gratifying.

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