April Fools!

Ice JJ Fish Reaches Platinum Certification

The tone of tuna resonates in a world of true talent

By William Morton

Ice JJ Fish, known for his internet sensation “On The Floor,” has reached what has traditionally been reserved for talented artists, platinum certification. Those that have attained mastery of music are now forced to deal with someone who has botched the integrity of their craft.

Ice JJ Fish  promotes laughter, but his platinum certification is the reflection of a demographic that wants to encourage the need for instant gratification. What did Ice JJ Fish do besides upload a video of his off key singing?

The commercialization of art resulted in recording studios investing in his career as an artist. Daniel McLoyd, the student and scholar, was motivated to invest in his videos generating laughter and wants to be known as Ice JJ Fish.

“On The Floor” was his attempt at serenading his love to his significant other. Somehow those that viewed the video wanted another video as a follow up so naturally, Ice JJ Fish had to make “On The Rug.” That single made the Top 100 song list and was a factor in his platinum certification.

Ice JJ Fish utilized the internet as his platform which can be understood, but what really matters is how he handles his responsibility as someone who can possibly encourage change in certain situations.

Chance the Rapper released his music for free to promote expression and nonconformity. Many artists have environmentally motivated speeches, but when Ice JJ Fish was notified about his platinum certification, he said “My voice is my gift.”  

There are actually artists that want to sample his voice and want to collaborate in order to enhance their own music. The main prospects that are listed to team up with Ice JJ Fish are: Lil’ Yatchy, John Cena, Rita Ora and James Corden.

Those prospects are sponsored by corporations that can financially support careers. One possibility is that Ice JJ Fish can actually sing beautifully, but doesn’t to make it seem like he has common qualities for the sake of his fanbase. That’s something that the record companies can consider in their endeavors.

There are platforms that have low standards of music such as Soundcloud, Youtube, and Datpiff, which are not choosy about lyrics or content. So clearly, Ice JJ Fish utilizes that to get attention.

The same effort that was placed into “On The Floor” was placed into “On The Rug,” which wasn’t much. There are those who have the job of teaching dance or dancing professionally, but the dancing that Ice JJ Fish was doing in both videos looked like he was spazzing out.

The platinum certification is something that is respected, yet the only requirement for having that certification is sales.

There are certain music enthusiasts who are dissatisfied that someone who is constantly getting questioned as to why he is in the conversation of artists, have their own platinum certification. The fact of the matter is, art is about the liberty of expression.

Daniel McLoyd probably didn’t know what to do with his inadequacies so what he tried to do was find the right place that he can feel confidence in his voice. Ice JJ Fish can say that the feeling that he once struggled with changed into lyrics, concerts and sales.

That feeling is now satisfaction that resulted in experienced rappers and producers wanting collaborations. If someone wants to have Ice JJ Fish singing off key, they can do that. The magic of art is doing it for the sake of doing it. That has its own platinum value.

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