Cruella De Vil Is So Outdated

Switch to Cruelty-Free Makeup for Your Soul, Face and Wallet

By: Beren Sabuncu

Life is prettier when you don’t incite violence. Negativity breeds negativity and as such, violence taints those who cause it. It taints their very being, changes them as people. Not one human on this planet is doomed to bring darkness, they rather haphazardly are tainted by negativity. This causes the person to be violent, dark and to have a stained soul.

The thing about violence is that it is sneaky and one never fully understands the extent of their actions until it’s too late. A perfect example to show the sneaky nature of violence would be make-up. What could possibly be wrong about make-up?

Simply put, for the connoisseurs, make-up is an art form and a way for one to enhance beauty. At the very least, make-up is a way of feeling more confident. Yet, so many companies still refuse to be cruelty-free. These companies still test on animals. The animals used in laboratory testing are bunnies, hamsters, mice and dogs. It wouldn’t be okay if they were cows, but it’s more eye opening for some that the animals used for testing are actual pets they might have.

It is the same logic people have when they eat meat. If it’s a cow or a non-domesticated pet, then it is okay to eat. This in itself is cruel to some, but lab testing is cruel to most. Regardless, the companies tend to sweep their cruelty-free approach under the rug. The mainstream media is hushed and people are diverted.

This is a very powerful and rich industry, and when it is about money some people sadly leave their humanity at the door. For the aware customer that does their research, as well as the readers of this article, cruelty-free brands are not hard to find. Not only are these brands cruelty free, they’re also better for your skin. The term “cruelty-free” tends to mean that these brands utilize more organic ingredients than their violent counterparts.

Make sure you have no allergies to the ingredients and see the perks of a more organic approach to make-up.

The pain these poor animals feel is indescribable. These animals are shaved and rubbed with all sorts of harsh chemicals. This is inhumane and we, as a society, could do so much better. At this point, there is absolutely no reason for the companies not to step up and switch from animal testing.

Animal testing could be substituted with lab testing, which doesn’t hurt.Types of Lab testing include In-Vitro (test tube) testing, stem cell testing, tissue culture testing and computerized testing. All of the previously mentioned are completely cruelty free.

There are a myriad of large companies that still test on animals, some of which are unexpected, as one would expect better from them. These companies certainly can afford transitioning to cruelty-free testing methods and are consciously standing on the wrong side of history. Shame! Big companies that still test on animals include but not aren’t limited to L`Orèal, Max Factor and Dial.

Fret no more, as there are a lot of cruelty-free brands that are affordable and very chic. These brands, which could be strongly endorsed, not only because of their cruelty-free approach, but also because of their beautiful products include, but aren’t limited to: Too Faced, E.L.F. and Lush. Not only are these brands cruelty-free, they’re also easy on your credit card and are very pretty.

When it comes to loving animals, don’t be so hard on yourself. Leading a completely vegan lifestyle is very hard for so many people. Cruelty-free makeup is not about being vegan. It is about avoiding unnecessary violence. It is about not letting darkness taint your soul.

It’s really not as simple as an issue that barely scratches the surface, like makeup. It doesn’t hurt to care about things. It actually pays off in the end when you care about the animals and it makes one feel powerful when there is change incited by them.
So many companies have switched over to the cruelty-free side because of customer awareness. You have the power to change the world, even if it’s one tiny step at a time. For more extensive lists of cruelty free brands, visit PETA’s website. As previously stated, it doesn’t hurt to care about things, but it hurts not to.

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