School Spirit

CSI students weigh in on club ideas and how to improve morale on campus

By: Beren Sabuncu

Nobody could accuse CSI of not being full of school spirit. Although campus life is slowly developing, extra curricular activities are not usually preferred.

CSI is a commuter school, and a community commuter school at that. Its status means that after-school activities are not priorities of the students. There are so many clubs and so many diverse and lovely events that are lacking in the participation area.

We’ve asked students of CSI what clubs and events they would prefer to have in CSI. There were interesting answers, yet we also got several “I don’t know” and “I don’t care” answers. The following answers belong to those who know what they want, and those who care what CSI offers.

Latif K. has said, “I would like to join clubs involving women/cultural diversity. I guess anything with history, or even a cause club. We have too many typical clubs in my opinion. I’m already part of the Japanese Society Club so I consider that a good head start. In short, I’d love to see more cultural diversity.”

Pairing cultural diversity with causes is actually a great idea, and one that could be very fruitful. Some students had a more artistic approach to the question.

Aisha H. stated, “I believe a TV Station Club, or a Movie Club would be extremely interesting. A Book Club could be nice too!” Pairing hobbies with clubs could create a more enthusiastic student body, and is actually a great idea.

Salma E. had a creative approach, “I feel as though Make-Up Club would be very fun!” as did Reena R. when she added,  “A Fashion Club could be very interesting. An event could be a Fashion Show.”

Having creative outlets on campus encourages students to better their craft and relieve stress. Dosi R. had two great ideas which made perfect sense and left us wondering why there aren’t such clubs? “Dance Club and a Cutlery [Cuisine] Club. I’d like to join these two clubs. I want to see culture combined. Teaching dances and food recipes from all around the world is a fantastic idea.”

Jerred R. had a more athletic answer to our question, “I could join a Martial Arts Club, or one for basketball so we can play more of it. I’d actually love a Cooking Club too,  I’d chef it up!” After having received so many positive and creative answers, it’s confusing that we don’t have a peppy school. An answer from Moe A. did a great job of summing up what could be the problem:

“I’m not sure what kind of clubs we have to begin with. Maybe we could get people more aware of clubs we have by having them introduced in class at the beginning of each semester. I would also definitely appreciate social events involving interviews with special guests you know, something with food, coffee and good conversation.”

These answers potentially have a way of bettering the student life at CSI. Maybe we need to incorporate more passion into student clubs, maybe we need to think of unique hobbies people might have. Some students might be missing their home country and their food, and maybe they need to see more of those here.

As some students live off campus, and far away, club life could be introduced with pamphlets in the beginning of the school year in classes. One might not think club-life is important, but it actually is. Pay close attention to Ivy League schools which are usually deemed the best. These schools have great club life and are full of school spirit.
One way of bettering CSI is bettering participation in club life, and social opportunities. The Banner thanks all those who answered our question. Be sure to check the Bulletin Boards and online groups for events you might want to join. School spirit starts with you!

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