“Confess” Brings Us Back To Tears With Its Source Material On Screen

Colleen Hoover’s bestselling novel “Confess” becomes a mini TV series

By: Jennifer Weeks

Don’t bottle it up inside, let it out by writing an anonymous confession. Your words can inspire one’s work.

New York Times best-selling author Colleen Hoover, had her novel “Confess” turned into a mini TV series.

“Confess” was released on go9. If you are not familiar with the app go9, it is an American streaming service. It is like other streaming sites such as Hulu and Netflix except go9 does not require you to start a subscription. The app itself offers TV shows and movies completely free to watch.

On April 4th, 2017 fans of Hoover could internationally stream the show. It was released as a 7 episode series, approximately 20 minutes an episode.

Fans like myself who are envious of Hoover and readers who have read the book were looking forward to binge watching the TV show.

The novel was a standalone that was released on March 10, 2015, and has a 4.7-star rating on the Amazon retailer website. The book is based around the lives of two adults, Auburn Reed and Owen Gentry.

Auburn is back in Texas trying to get her life back together. While job hunting in Dallas, Texas she comes across an art studio called ‘Confess,’ hence the title of the book.

Auburn instinctively becomes attracted to the owner and artist of the gallery, Owen Gentry. Not able to avoid their attraction to each other any longer, they start a love affair, where Auburn puts her heart out on the line.

The TV adaption of “Confess” has some similar aspects from the book, and some were altered to fit the screen and duration of the show. Despite the episodes being short, the TV show does unfold in sequence and stood true to the book, even with minor changes. The episodes on go9 did do the TV show justice.

The TV show and novel both sends several powerful messages. One being, don’t bottle up what’s inside: let it out, even if it’s anonymous. We all have more than one destiny in a lifetime and most of all could fall in love more than once.

Both characters, Auburn and Owen are battling their own demons and struggling to find themselves in their lives. Throughout the show and book, we get to see how they became the adults they are now, and why they are both struggling to put the pieces of their lives back together.

In the show, Auburn is a struggling adult trying to regain the custody of her son and Owen, the judge’s son, is an owner and artist of the highly successful art gallery ‘Confess.’

What makes the story so unique is the fact that Owen paints based on anonymous confessions that people slide into the mail slot of his door.

While writing the book, Hoover had readers send her anonymous confessions that she then used as confessions in her novel, those same confessions were incorporated into the TV show as well. It was amazing to see the confessions adapted on screen.

We even get to see glimpses of the artwork as well as the gallery that was described in the novel.

The confessions are beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. That’s what gives the show the great layer of depth and raw emotion that we got to read throughout the novel.

The actors who played in Auburn’s and Owen’s whirlwind romance are Katie Leclerc and Ryan Cooper. Leclerc and Cooper both brought the characters to life in such a unique way, fitting the roles perfectly as if they were meant for it. They were able to make us fall in love with and their story all over again.

The show had the ability to suck you in from the beginning. Just like the novel, it starts you off with Auburn’s story back when she was a teenager then springing forward into adulthood where she soon meets Owen Gentry, an aspiring artist.

The way the director adapted Hoover’s work was unforgettable. Episode by episode we go to see the story unfold through the narration of Auburn and Owen who are both trying to overcome their battles and simultaneously be together. You couldn’t help but feel sorry for them while experiencing the love and tragedy of the show.

It was difficult not to watch the whole season in one day. The episodes had you laughing and swooning along with the cast of the show, and feeling the same emotion of each confession presented in an episode.

The amount of feeling and devotion you have for these characters; finally seeing them brought to life will make you overwhelmed with joy and heartbreak. You can say it would bring a reader to its knees.

Overall fantastic job, the TV show was like the novel, both a beautiful masterpiece.

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