Less Fur, More Love

Why Hairless Pets are The Best Pets

By: Regina E. Romandetti

Naked pets are the best kind of pets. They love to snuggle, they’re cleaner and they will melt your heart with their affection. They just need a little extra TLC so they can live the happiest of lives. Once you fall in love with one however,  you will see why the extra work is worth it.

Many believe hairless animals lost their hair on their own or they were shaved to look like that. This isn’t necessarily true, however, because you can purchase these unique creatures from a breeder. Hairless animals are born naturally through selective breeding. A common hairless animal is the Sphynx, a hairless cat. They have been around throughout history but in the 1960’s were beginning to be bred specifically as pets. Sphynx cats look like their feline companions from ancient Egypt. They also have round, wide-set eyes and pot bellies, but they may or may not have whiskers.

A not-so-common hairless animal is the Skinny pig, which is a hairless guinea pig. The Skinny Pig isn’t a breed, but a recessive genetic mutation, which can be recreated by breeding out two different generations of guinea pigs. Their skin is wrinkled and they usually have a bit of fur on their feet and noses.

The difference between breeding and recessive mutation is that with breeding, you know the  outcome of the litter. With a recessive genetic mutation, you are not sure if the litter will have fur or not. If there are hairy guinea pigs and skinny pigs in a litter, the ones with hair will have the recessive gene to pass on to their offspring.

Since hairless pets have no coat to protect them, they lose body heat faster than their furry friends. Hairless pets have to keep a slightly higher body temperature for insulation, which makes them warm to the touch. Hairless pets also seek warmer environments which makes them the perfect cuddle companion. Hairless pets like to find the sunlight through windows, but you have to be careful because they could easily get a sunburn. They also like to steal body heat by wrapping their bodies around their humans. Another fun perk of owning a hairless animal is that they actually enjoy wearing clothes to keep warm.

Hairless pets can eat the same types of food as their normal species would; they just eat more to maintain the energy to keep their body temperatures up. This explains why a skinny pig isn’t really skinny. A Sphynx on the other hand, should be on a diet that consists of raw chicken and ground beef. A skinny pig has to have Timothy hay and fresh fruits and vegetables daily.

Skinny pigs need coconut oil baths weekly to keep their skin hydrated and smelling fresh. They squeal with excitement, as it’s cooling and refreshing to their skin. A skinny pig enjoys being a pig but should have their cage cleaned at least twice a week. A Sphynx shares the same characteristics of a house cat and enjoys being clean. Their skin is much like a human’s and gets oily, which requires them to be bathed at least once a week. It depends on the individual cat’s personality if they enjoy bath time or not.

Many people who suffer from allergies seek hairless animals because of the no-shedding factor and the lack of dander lying around the house.The Sphynx is recommended by breeders as being a better alternative than not having a pet for allergy sufferers. The hairless cat doesn’t deposit allergen-laden hair.

A Skinny pig can be purchased from a breeder for about $75 to $125 depending on your location and its sex, whereas a Sphynx kitten can price anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000 also depending on location and the breeder’s reputation.

If you would love to bring home a hairless pet but can’t financially afford to, check your local animal rescue. Many hairless animals are dropped off at shelters due to being high maintenance. Remember though, bringing any animal into your home is a commitment for the rest of yours and their lives.

Even though it seems like a lot of work to take care of a hairless pet, it’s worth the hassle. A Sphynx will greet you at the door when you come home from a long day while a Skinny pig will squeal with joy when they see you pass their cage for attention, just like their furry counterparts.
All in all, who really needs a significant other when you can curl up with a fur baby…. well, you know what I mean.

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