Parenting Gets a New Meaning in Action-Packed Film Kidnap

How Far Would You Go to Save Your Child?

By: Jennifer Weeks

The new, action-packed thriller, Kidnap, is tearing up the box office with Halle Berry’s top-notch performance, showcasing what it means to be a mother and what happens when your child is abducted.

It was well worth the two-year wait to say the least.

Kidnap was a true eye opener for parents and children alike. This film demonstrates the real-life dangers of child abduction and the life lesson we all tell our children: no talking to strangers.

Director Luis Prieto’s new action-packed film kidnap produced by Aviron Pictures was finally released in theaters worldwide on August 4.

The movie took a long two years to be filmed in New Orleans, where an estimated $17 million was spent to make the movie come to life. Just in the opening weekend, the film brought in $10.2 million.

Halle Berry portrays a newly divorced mother, Karla Dawson. Karla is a struggling waitress at a local diner in New Orleans. It’s a typical afternoon in the park for Karla and her beloved six-year old son Frankie (Sage Correa). Their fun afternoon in the park quickly turns into a nightmare when Frankie suddenly disappears. Without a cell phone and knowing she cannot wait for police to help, Karla frantically jumps into her minivan and sets off in pursuit after the abductor’s vehicles.

Screenwriter Knate Lee brings Karla’s single-minded determination to protect her child’s life. The way Lee wrote Karla’s character was exactly how any parent would react in a real-life situation.

There were a few scenes where the abductors threaten to hurt Frankie, but through Karla’s single-minded determination to protect her child, she does what any mother would do and doesn’t back down.

The screenwriter wrote a narrative script so that you really get a strong sense of emotions and consider the mother’s actions, as well as, thoughts of what would happen if your own child were to be abducted.

Director Luis Prieto directing this film phenomenally by bringing several fresh and inviting angles to the film. The director used a lot of wide shots, tilted angles, and close up shots, causing viewer’s adrenaline to spike to its fullest.

The production was mostly shot in a minivan on a wide pursuit expanding over various arrays of highways. However, it did not stray from nor did it lack in thrilling suspense.

The film causes viewers to stay on the edge of their seats by pushing them to contemplate or assume Karla’s and the kidnapper’s next moves.

Although the cinematography was top notch, there were a handful of camera angles that were a bit odd and disorienting during the car chasing scenes. The benefit and purpose of it was to project a sense of urgency and panic as you watch the scenes unfold.

The director also used a wide variety of sounds to heighten the tone of the film. The sound design was clever and creative because it didn’t consist of heavy-pounding bass music, like you hear in other films of this genre. Instead it used a lot of natural noises from the action like, tires screeching and gravel crunching, making it seem more realistic.

Kidnap tests the limits of how far maternal instinct will go. It is a tightly wound action film, but is very well supported by Barry’s intense and emotional performance. The actress has children herself which could have aided her inspiration for the role.

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