Sex and Relationships

The Hazards of Internet Dating: What Women Should Know

Beware The D*ck Pics!

By: Jennifer Weeks


We’ve come to a time where internet dating is now the innovative and legitimate way to help us find “the one” we have been longingly searching for.

Internet dating no longer has the stigma that it once did, making it gain more momentum and increasing popularity. Unfortunately, the hazards of internet dating have increased as well.

What women might not know is that these dating sites do not protect us in any way. When we upload our pictures, our locations, relationship expectations, we instantly become targets for any sexual predators, con artists, and even hackers. We all fall into their playground, which unfortunately they use dating sites to become anyone they want and that is the biggest threat.

Some dating sites allow free messages between other users on the site, which could be considered the first hazard of internet dating: due to our profiles, they know what our expectations for a relationship are. They can also see what our interests are, which provides easy ways for other users to strike up conversation.

You begin to talk to the person, get to know them more and the more you talk the more vulnerable you become. You even might be gullible, eventually letting your guard down altogether.

Another hazard of internet dating is something almost everyone is guilty of, divulging too much information about yourself on your profile. This could be your last name, place of business, email, home address, phone number or any other identifying information when corresponding online. This can lead to physical harassment, stalking, identity theft, and falling into a dangerous situation. All and any private information can lead to you putting yourself at risk.

When making a profile, don’t put so many photos, and not too many revealing photos of yourself as well. Although, appearances can help determine if someone, or even yourself, would be interested in future contact with any other online users.

When corresponding with someone who asks for more pictures of yourself, don’t reveal so much to them. If they start requesting more photos, especially in different angles, or certain parts of the body, you know they are not after a relationship or remotely interesting in knowing you on a personal level.

I don’t mean to be a killjoy, but it’s the truth and many young girls fall victim to it. This is especially true when it leads being spread across the internet. Nothing is truly deleted forever and sometimes it ruins lives and causes people to lose their jobs.

But let’s not forget the infamous dick pictures men like to send out. Don’t let that overrule your judgment just because of how big his rod is.

Another hazard of internet dating is falling for the financial scams that unfortunately con artists and hackers rely on when using internet dating sites. They rely on women although men can fall victim as well, but they rely on the romance scam to persuade you into giving them advances on cash and private banking info.

Another significant hazard of internet dating is sexting. It’s always fun to blow off sexual frustration in a little sexting. Whether it’s phone sex, sexting or video chatting. It’s still a risk doing it with an unknown source. It may seem harmless and fun, but regardless it’s a risky move with a stranger.

Your online relationship may start to advance when he or she says and does the right things, between texting or calling you in the morning, mid-day and at night, or sending you flowers for your birthday, or congratulating you on an achievement, and when they are starting to gain your trust.

Even though this could be happening, you don’t know how they might be endlessly scheming and plotting behind their computer. They could be corrupting and formulating the perfect way to seduce you and get you into their good graces.

The next form of contact would be meeting you in person. If you plan on doing this, always meet in a public area and don’t go alone.

As cliché as that sounds, bring a friend or two along. Make it a double date. You can never be too careful when meeting someone for the first time. Especially, when the two of you have been romanticizing through a computer screen.

Coming from personal experience, I’ve had my fair share of internet dating and thought I met the one. This past summer I had a horrible experience when I met a man on Okcupid, which is a well-known dating website that mostly caters to millennials.

I thought he was completely harmless, and in doing so, I let my insecurity and vulnerability get the better of me. I sent him my Facebook profile and I allowed him to add me on Facebook. I even went as far of telling him where I lived and my phone number. We shared intimate details about each other and I started to fall for him fast.

Then, I started to notice just how creepy and stalkerish he became. He then kept pressuring me for more intimate photos, focusing on my vagina, butt, and my breasts.

He started to ask more personal questions, wanted to know my sexual experiences,  and started fantasizing about what positions he would like to see me in. I began to get a little suspicious and uncomfortable.

The final straw of this internet fiasco was the admirable dick picture I received. Once I received that, I cut off all ties with him and went as far as blocking him on my dating profile, Facebook, and my cellphone.

However, it didn’t stop there. Unfortunately, he began calling me with different phone numbers and relentlessly harassing me. This led to me deleting my dating profiles, as well as changing my phone number.

After this encounter, I stopped using internet dating.

This article isn’t meant to discourage readers, but is meant to serve as awareness of what’s out there.

Do not fall victim to the creeps out there like I did. Protect yourself and your privacy. But always stay safe, and keep searching for that one whether it’s fate or fishing the web.

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