CSI’s Work in Progress

Numerous Worksites Around the Campus are a Welcome Sight for the College Community

By: Declan Kaasler

If you were to walk around this college campus for more than a few minutes, one change in the scenery is abundantly clear. More so than in previous semesters, the CSI campus is currently undergoing wide scale renovation efforts to improve both appearance and safety.

Past and present students understand that maintenance cannot always be conducted on a regular basis. Fortunately, $368 million was set aside in 2016. The results of that $368 million investment are at last coming to fruition.

Some of the more exciting aspects of the renovation include a new school of business in 2M, heightened support for track and field athletics, and resurfaced roads and pathways.

2M is most commonly known by its massive smokestack with the school’s abbreviated name hung on the side. The building is a miniature power plant that can provide the campus with its own independent electrical grid.

However, construction is underway to add another building to 2M’s footprint. The school promises a totally state-of-the-art academic building. Why exactly the school of business will have exclusive ownership is still unclear.

This college is famous among the CUNY system for having both the largest campus in terms of area, and the greenest campus. While many think that the grassy lawns are natural, it actually takes a great amount of money and effort to keep the lawns looking neat and even.

In our warmer months, the lawns usually grow long enough to resemble a savannah, which is due again in part to the inability of the college to conduct frequent maintenance. This fall, work is taking place to restore living grass to areas where heavy foot traffic has destroyed all life.

Unfortunately, students and visitors like to take the shortest routes across campus. This often results in unofficial dirt trails being carved out over time. Once this happens, the soil needs to be actively re-seeded by a gardener.

With the increased attention being paid to the lawns, the athletic track will see additions to the sport of track and field. This could include sand spaces for long jumping, and perhaps an area devoted to the tossing of shotput and discus.

What should come as a relief to our pedestrians is that many of the campus pathways are being repaired at last. The main avenue running north to south between 1C and 1L has gotten very patchy in several spots, with bricks either crumbling or missing entirely. Of course, these patchy pathways need to be safe to traverse, especially at night when it is harder to make out the ground.

Another example of safety-motivated renovation taking place is right outside 1N. The front steps and courtyard at this particular academic building are significantly deteriorated. Areas of concrete are crumbling and rusting, and even the automatic door button for handicapped students has rusted. It will be entirely replaced.

Clearly, this is an exciting time to be a student here in CSI. We can look forward to many more improvements to the appearance and safety as we go about our studies. Now, it would be even better if somebody could finally go and destroy that huge wasp nest outside the Dolphin Cove buildings. Wasp stings could ruin anyone’s day!

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