WFAN’s Craig Carton Resigns Due to Concert Scam Charges

What the Future Holds For Esiason’s New Show

By: Anthony Russo

From left to right: Boomer Esiason, Mike Nichols and Craig Carton

On Wednesday morning of September 6, WFAN’s co-host of Boomer and Carton, Craig Carton, was arrested at his home.

Carton was charged on 4 counts of fraud in a “ponzi” ticket scam, where Carton took millions of dollars from investors by fraudulently selling concert tickets, in order to pay off debts he had in gambling, authorities say.

Carton was released on a $500,000 bail, but it was announced later that day in a statement released by WFAN that he would be suspended indefinitely.

On September 12, Carton addressed his situation for the first time in a statement he posted via Twitter, thanking his fans and his belief that he will not be found guilty of the charges.  

Carton, a day later, submitted his letter of resignation to WFAN radio. This was so he could remove the distraction of his network and allow him to focus on his family, while fighting against his accusation in a statement he released.

Carton’s partner on the show, Boomer Esiason, showed his gratitude and spoke about Carton’s situation on the show that’s now called The Morning Show with Boomer.

“I just want people to know out there, that I love my partner for 10 years,” Esiason said on his show on September 7. “I still love my partner. I love his family, I love his kids.”

Boomer and Carton, the radio show that was founded in 2007, has come to an end 10 years later and the question remains, what happens next?

The facts are still unclear regarding Carton’s situation, but it appears he won’t be in a broadcast radio booth anytime soon.

Esiason within the past couple of weeks has had analysts, such as Phil Sims, join him on the show, but still has yet to find a replacement for Carton.  

Sims could be one option to replace Carton, as there is some familiarity between the two. Sims, like Esiason, was a former NFL quarterback and they’ve worked together for the NFL Today show on CBS.

According to Neil Best from Newsday, Evan Roberts, co-host of Joe and Evan, is a strong candidate to replace Mike Francesa, who plans on leaving WFAN when 2017 comes to an end.

Carton’s arrest along with his resignation could change that now, as Francesa may be open to staying with WFAN a little longer if asked, which brings in the possibility of Roberts becoming Carton’s replacement.

Another possibility is Esiason could continue to host his new show on his own, as Francesa does that currently, since his partner Chris Russo, known as the “Mad Dog”, left WFAN a decade ago.

However, as of right now, Esiason will continue to host his show on his own every Monday-Friday at 6am-10am for WFAN.

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