Student Government Meeting Has a Surprise Announcement

Let’s Talk About Parking, Library Hours and That Halal Food Truck

By: Kenny Velez

On-campus parking issues, as well as the announcement of the on-campus Halal Food Truck, were just a few of the things mentioned in the Student Government (SG) meeting that took place on September 14.

A NYPRG event was discussed, that took place later in the day, where one item got donated to hurricane relief for every person a member of Student Government brought to the event.

The head of the meeting said that it’s a good idea for Student Government members to volunteer for events.

Members of SG forgot to approve the CAB minutes, and did so after their discussion with Club Commissions representative Dosi.

They also forgot to do roll call afterwards.

The Japanese Visual Culture Club wanted to include karaoke and on-campus movie screenings. This was approved by the SG.

One member said that the group she represented wanted to extend library hours to 3 a.m. during finals week, since it was reduced to 10 p.m.

They would also like to add more printers on the first and second floors of our academic buildings.

A representative for Academic and Current Affairs Commission said that the library would rather have tutors for a specific subject instead of tutors for specific classes.

At this point in the meeting, they passed all of the motions so far.

It was also decided that only two buildings would be used for the upcoming Student Government elections: 1C and 1L.

There are six seats to be voted for in this Student Government election.

This election will have the same method of voting as last semester’s election: the booths.

Last year, when the elections’ voting method was electronic, people who were the choices for getting elected coerced students to vote for them by stealing their phones, asking “why won’t you vote for me?’” and had connections with professors who ran computer labs.

According to a member of Student Government, SG should not be paying for student’s food during the Blackout, a game between CSI and another other CUNY school. Instead, Student Activity Fees will pay for the food, and this motion was approved and seconded.

The campus has a huge skunk problem, among other animals such as deer and groundhogs. One member got sprayed.

Two members of SG, Reginald and Dosi, said that this is the first time that they heard about the skunk problem.

However, the bulk of the meeting focused on CSI’s parking issues.

The first mention of this was that a lot of people are parking illegally on campus, including the person who brought it up.

Then, a representative for Academic and Current Affairs Commission said she got two tickets on her car and brought it up with the guests of the meeting, representatives for Parking Services And Auxiliary Services.

The representatives said that discounts for parking decals will be discussed at their first meeting on October 15th.

Another SG member said that he witnessed a girl finding her bumper on the floor.

Parking garages, according to a rep, are a no-go, unless Student Government wanted to financially back the building.

SG claimed that the most common complaint  they hear from students is about parking, and they hear it many times every day.

The reps said that CSI has an aging infrastructure and several repairs are ongoing, including repairs to parking and several buildings.

The rendering of the finished parking lots is on Parking Services’ website.

The representatives encouraged members of student government to write to President Fritz of the college and send him emails.

The last thing the reps revealed, and first revealed in this meeting, was the addition of the Halal food truck on campus.

It arrived on September 18, and President William Fritz was the first customer that the food truck served.

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