WE are the American Horror Story

Horror Inspired by Our Times

By: Jessica Scarimbolo

It’s the 7th season of FX’s “American Horror Story” and director Ryan Murphy is going into uncharted territory by dramatically and gruesomely displaying the viewers’ political reality onto our television screens.

However, the result was low ratings.

American Horror Story: Cult follows the aftermath of the 2017 United States election– definitely a real life horror story for many. This season weaves together extreme narratives from both ends of the political spectrum.

Apparently, Murphy has not heard a simple rule of thumb; do not talk about politics in mixed company. Blood, of course, ensues.

One plot line follows an uncompromising Republican and current cult leader, Kai Anderson played by Evan Peters, who wreaks havoc throughout the city by manipulating the public’s fear.

As for the liberal or democratic portion, it follows a same-sex couple, Ally and Ivy Mayfair-Richards, played by Sarah Paulson and Alison Pill, who with their son, are being terrorized by Kai and his cult members for reasons still unknown.

Being apart of a same-sex couple myself, the show seems refreshing; it validated some fears that I too had the day after the election.

Considering Murphy is a gay man himself, he must have been aware that this season would relate to people in the LGBTQ community.

The show’s reach is not limited to the LGBTQ community though. We can all see something of ourselves in one aspect of the show or another.

The Hollywood Reporter sat down with Murphy where he stated that the show reflects what everyone felt the night of the election; we all lost our minds.

He feels that even today, everyone is at one another’s throat; we’re either on one side or the other.

Perhaps for this same reason, the depiction of sensitive and close-to-home topics, is why not everyone is into this AHS season.

The show’s premiere episode, which aired on September 5, received lower ratings than previous seasons.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, AHS: Cult had 3.93 million views, a 24 percent drop from previous season premieres.

Maybe AHS is just getting old. The audience can be getting tired of constantly seeing the same actors and actresses.

Each season of AHS follows a completely different plot line and some of the stars remain playing different roles.

As this season’s AHS ventures into controversial subjects and maintains its gloriously gruesome scenes, it still keeps me at the edge of my seat.

This season may not be doing as well as, far as the ratings, but I think we can all agree that this is a bold, courageous move for Murphy who is clearly using his show as a way to release a political statement under the form of an allegory.

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