Leadership Week Delivers Inspiration to CSI

Leadership Week’s Kickoff is a Knockout

By: Veronica Pistek

Students swarm the Campus Center for CSI’s first event of Leadership Week.

The first event of the 2017 CSI Leadership Week began with a powerful workshop, led by a special keynote speaker, capturing the attention of an overwhelming and radiant audience.

The engaging event titled “Why YOU Should Lead” brought nearly a hundred of CSI students together, all striving to one day live out their dreams of being a leader.

At the event, students immediately started using their leadership skills for the sake of the students who had nowhere to sit by venturing out of the room to find extra chairs, which truly exemplified the workshop as a whole: why we should be the leaders of today.

To kick-off the event, the booming crowd lit up as the passionate keynote speaker ditched the old power-point style and embraced the natural power of interaction and conversation.

The students, fearless to participate and open to discuss their opinions, took the workshop into their own hands.

The speaker handed the floor to the audience with one simple question: “Why does leadership matter?” The future leaders of our generation replied with diverse responses, setting a tone of motivation and empowerment for the rest of the conference.

Eager to listen and engage, the CSI students gave the keynote speaker their undivided attention once she began the interactive workshop.

Once handed an index card, each individual wrote down anyone who was a leader to them. After sharing out various goals of each person’s chosen leader, the crowd came to the realization that a leader does not necessarily have to be a politician or a historical figure.

A leader can be anyone: a boss, your parents, your peers, a teacher, but most importantly yourself.

Following the brainstorming session, the audience took charge in distinguishing the characteristics of a true leader.

Improvised effortlessly by the energetic keynote speaker, the room transformed into circles. Within these large circles, the students passed around their index cards and were able to read everyone’s varying qualities of a leader.

The speaker credited the flow of the act itself to not only her leadership skills, but also the audience’s power to lead. As a result, the crowd was able to share their own ideas, as well as listen to their peers for newfound insight.

After congregating with several audience members, a CSI freshman expressed a perfect summation of the workshop: “Anyone can be a leader to me. As long as you have the right mindset, you can conquer anything. Especially with integrity, charisma, and energy, I feel that we all can be leaders of whatever our hearts desire.”

Initially proposed by the keynote speaker, the audience ultimately came to a mutual acceptance that the older generations left us with heavy reparations to be made.

With the endless issues that infiltrate today’s society, it was credited by the audience that these problems only exist due the previous generations that created them.

In order to fix the messes that have been made, the speaker inspired all with her words: “You are all of the characteristics that you named. Not only do the great leaders of the past and present possess these qualities, you all do too. This is why you should lead.”

Overall, the spark of inspiration hung in the air as the voices of our future resonated with the preceding words.

With roaring energy, the room was rich with conversation amongst the students who possessed an overwhelming passion to lead.

As anticipation set in for the following Leadership Week events, the lasting impact of the first workshop is sure to influence our CSI students to bring leadership skills, values, and ideas to the entire community.

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