100 Days of SG with President Emanoil Shafik

CSI’s Student Government Makes Changes

By: Victoria Ifatusin

College of Staten Island Student Government President, Emanoil Shafik

Emanoil Shafik was inaugurated as president into our Student Government office on August 31, 2017.

Since then, students have been looking forward to seeing what has been implemented since his calling to office.

Shafik is an Egyptian student who was born on September 19th, 1993. He has two undergrad degrees in Chemistry and Biochemistry and is currently studying to attain his Masters in Environmental Science.

He was encouraged by former president RJ Mohammed to attend a meeting and eventually, run for office with Shafik’s current Vice President, Reginald Bray.


During the month of September, $30,000 was allocated to the library in order to fund books and other essential items for students to use for classes and research.

Shafik mentioned that this was done “to have them get new books for the students who need them,” since some books may go out of date and may not be affordable.

Being that CUNY is known as one of the world’s most renowned college for research, these books were seen as important for the students and the school at large.

Thus, the decision to allocate funds for the library was immediately put into place.

Also, $25,000 was used for the payment of 10 to 15 scholarships to students with a 3.0 GPA or higher.

Shafik stated that September was a starting block for the Student Government “to figure out what we wanted to do.”


Meetings with the administration occurred due to the construction of campus and the parking passes that were not being handed to drivers.

Many students were bothered that the construction had to take place during the semester, when it could have been done over the vacation; the Student Government voiced our complaints.

High authorities like President William J. Fritz, had discussions with the Student Government concerning the issue.

Because of this, the administration assured the Student Government that it would be done before the winter session and tickets would not be handed out as much as before.

This discussion also caused the idea to put waterways under the buildings to avoid flooding in classrooms.

There was a need for another elections because the Student Government had only 18 members. The election was a success, and the capacity of 25 members was filled.

A Halloween bash also took place at the child center on campus, to encourage students – who have children – to bring their child in for daycare.

The halal cart was also put in place for Muslim observing students, something that has been utilized by the majority of students.

“In order to be in Student Government,” Shafik says, “you have to look out for people who are not getting what they need.”


Another meeting with President Fritz and other officials took place to discuss “the foundations of the school, the state of the campus and the college planning for the campus.”

This college plan was then said to give attention to students and to make them stay after they gain acceptance.

Shafik said that we need to work on having “pride” in the school.

In this same month, the hours for the library were extended. It was initially 8 AM to 12 AM, whereas now, it is 7 AM to 1 AM, giving students more time to study and prepare for finals.

According to Shafik, it was something “the former Student Government could not do.”


Shafik has started to plan implementations for the future. Shafik and Student Government wanted to answer the question: “How can we end the semester on a good note?”

Thus, the need for scantrons and coffee are going to be provided by the Student Government for all students at the College of Staten Island.

A Leadership Retreat is also going to take place that is funded by Student Government “to have students learn better leadership skills,” which could be beneficial for those who plan on becoming some type of leader in any organization.

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