Sex and Relationships

Surviving the Holidays Apart from Your Significant Other

How to Keep the Spirit Alive in Your Relationship

By: Jessica Scarimbolo


Christmas is a beautiful time, especially when it’s spent with friends, family, and your sweetheart.

Some may even feel that the holiday season is just not the same when you do not have someone special to celebrate with.

Unfortunately for some couples, the idea of spending Christmas and the holiday season together is not always possible.

So, what is the best way to continue to enjoy the season when you cannot physically be together?

Not being able to spend a holiday with your boyfriend or girlfriend does not discredit a relationship; it is still important and valid if you do not get to spend the holidays together, whatever the reason may be.

There are ways to keep the holiday spirit alive in your relationship even when you cannot be together.

Firstly, Skype is a long-distance relationship’s best friend. If you and your partner are in a situation where you can Skype or FaceTime, definitely make sure you utilize that medium.

You can also find a Christmas movie on television that you can watch together, but still apart. In  similar fashion, you can have a “Skype date” while singing Christmas songs to put you both in the Christmas spirit.

If you are lucky enough to spend some days of the season with your loved one, try to pack as many fun, holiday-themed events in those few days. Make gingerbread houses, go Christmas shopping, visit houses with beautiful  lights, or snuggle up in a blanket while watching Hallmark movies.

Whether you’re with your significant other or not, make sure to spoil them to the best of your ability, because why not? It is the holiday to spread cheer afterall.

Spoiling your boyfriend or girlfriend does not have to break your bank; you can find cute, inexpensive gifts at places like Target or Christmas Tree Shop.

Remember, it is the thought that counts and  it will make them feel special and cared for, even if they are not home for the holidays.

If you both are unable to celebrate the holidays together, you could consider having another holiday celebration scheduled when you two can be together. This could be a time for the two of you to cook dinner together, watch movies, exchange gifts, and just validate your relationship and your love.

This could also provide some much-needed intimate alone time, since you’ve been apart for a while.

Though you may not be able to spend time with your significant other during the holidays, do not forget that it is also a time for family. Don’t let any feelings of loneliness get you down, try to have fun with your family.

The topic of your relationship could surely come up during dinner conversation but make sure to keep your head high and remember that, eventually, you will be able to spend holidays together. Use this time to reminiscence in a positive way and laugh about the good times.

Also, try not to focus too much on the family members who are with their significant others. Just because you cannot be with yours at that moment, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself. You don’t want jealousy to rear its ugly head and ruin this time full of food and fun.

Though the holiday season could be even more amazing with the one you love, it is also incredible to know you at least have someone.

Understand that distance is only temporary and that there are ways to celebrate the season despite the miles between the two of you.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and it will make the next time you see each other all the more passionate.

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