Snapchat Users are Furious!

App’s Newest Update Has Consumers Threatening to Delete

By: Jessica Scarimbolo

Snapchat meme released to represent how the company is upsetting users. (Credit:

One of the biggest social media platforms has recently undergone a makeover, and consumers are not thrilled with the outcome.

Snapchat’s drastic redesign was announced in November, but did not make its way to users until February, leaving people furious and in desperation to reverse their update.

Snapchat launched in 2011, evolving with numerous updates throughout the years. The idea for this app began by a couple of students in a classroom in Stanford University.

Only a year later, Snapchat hit 10 million active users, proving what a success it would grow into in the years to come. By May 2015, the app reached 100 million daily users with 400 million snaps being sent back and forth daily.

Five months later, 400 million daily snaps became four billion videos being viewed daily.

Because of the app’s growing success, the updates are crucial to consumers. In July 2014, Snapchat launched geofilters, a feature for photos that displayed the name of your location in various, pretty fonts.

In January 2015, a new update launched a discover page, allowing consumers to stay up-to-date on the latest political, sports and celebrity news all in one place.

Later that year, Snapchat launched perhaps it’s most exciting update yet.

In September 2015, Lenses was launched, putting filters on people’s faces, making for some funny or fabulous selfies.

By December 2015, it was stated that 36% of Americans between the ages of 18-29 had a Snapchat account, making this social media platform the fastest growing for millennials, according to statistics from the Huffington Post.

AJC reported on the changes that came along with the app’s new update that has irked users enough to threaten to delete the app from their phones.

Previously, Snapchat stories were ordered chronologically, showing the most recent story at the top of the list, however, the new update organizes stories based on which friends you interact with the most.

Another major change brought on from this update is the way the home page is now organized. Previously, Snapchat conversations and your friend’s stories were on separate pages but not anymore.

With the update, snap stories, private conversations and group chats are all on one page, making users feel the app is much less efficient and even stating that they are having trouble locating the snap stories.

People have taken to twitter to express their anger regarding the new update including Kylie Jenner.

She tweeted: “Mm just saw the new Snapchat…I don’t know how i feel about it! What do you guys think?” Fortunately, Kylie is not the only one who is feeling uncomfortable about the update.

Another Twitter user said, “who was in charge at Snapchat headquarters for this new design? Who’s responsible? I just wanna talk…..,” while another tweets said, “I’m not intelligent enough to operate this stupid Snapchat update. I’ve been defeated.”

While many have taken to Twitter and the other social media platforms, users have been affected severely enough to create a petition to persuade Snapchat to revert the app back to its original layout.

Nic Rumsey started a petition on, asking for 500,000 signatures to have the Snapchat update removed.

With the number of signatures increasing by the second, Rumsey’s petition already has over 445,000 signatures.

Though Snapchat users are incredibly upset by this new change, developers have not issued any statements recently regarding the update.

The change is still relatively new, one can only hope the company is working on some sort of response to the overwhelming negative feedback they have received thus far.

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