Get the Facts, Not the Flu

Should People Be Getting the Flu Shot?

By: Gabrielle Silvestro

Credit: westmedgroup.com

It seems that all of a sudden, it is that time of year once again, flu season.  

Winter is that time of year where people hear horror stories of kids, and even adults, getting this virus that has no cure.

In the upcoming weeks, getting the flu shot is a decision people will be contemplating. Most doctors are advocates of their patients receiving their yearly flu shots, in hopes that it will prevent many people from becoming very ill with different strands of the flu.

Schools and drugstores have provided the opportunity to receive the flu shot to make it more convenient for millions of people.  

Just like everything else, the flu shot has been known to affect each individual differently; some people actually get flu like symptoms, become severely sick and even get the flu itself. Some are not even affected at all.  

If you are one of the unlucky people to contract the flu, the medication prescribed today is Tamiflu; this is the only medication that can be provided to help subside these flu symptoms.

However, this medication can have some serious side effects, which, again, vary depending on the individual.

Receiving the flu shot has some negative connotations associated with it, whether it’s actually getting the flu or just the idea of having a virus injected into a person’s body, which many do not feel comfortable with.

The medicine prescribed for the flu can cost up to $150 and could have negative effects on small children, such as vomiting.

If this occurs, the guardian of the child should consult a doctor, and in some cases, must stop the medication.The money spent on this prescription is ultimately wasted and cannot be returned.

If one of your family members has recently come down with the flu, you will see first hand what is it like to experience this terrible illness.

Witnessing with your own eyes and realizing what that person suffers with is an eye opening reality check. It will end up making many people wonder whether or not they will get the flu shot that year.

Symptoms like chills, fever and body aches can end up being so bad that some may not be able to move. Children, though are primarily the ones who are affected. Schools are breeding homes for different viruses and when not taken care of properly, the illness can spread like wildfire.

Carrying germs from school to the home is where it can make the situation even worse.

The flu has been a serious epidemic throughout New York and the tri state area, but a vaccination may not be the answer to the problem.

Many people have different opinions on this idea and whether to inject the virus into their bodies, or put it in their children’s bodies. Some like to take the natural approach and let the virus go through their body and run its course.

Others have suffered through this virus before and want to take the preventative measures they think they need.

The issue with the flu and getting the proper shots is the many different strands of the flu virus.

When receiving a flu shot, it is imperative to understand that the patient only receives one strand of the virus, which does not protect you from the many other strands that have yet to be discovered.

The other downfall of getting the flu vaccination is the risk of you actually getting sick from it.

This is a risk with any vaccination, because it depends on the individual and how well your body can fight off the virus.

Injected, it is merely a small dosage of the virus into your body, so that it builds up a resistance to the virus. When a virus is presented, the body is ready to fight it off  to prevent you from getting sick.

The debate of whether getting the flu shot or not is right for us will continue to be a debacle due to just how much it can affect everybody individually.


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