‘Tis the Season for Springtime Trends

A Breakdown of the Latest Fashion and Beauty Fads

By: Jessica Scarimbolo

Three beautiful ladies sporting bright, springtime fashion. Credit:

Here it is yet again – the time of year to trade in the fall and winter fashion choices for bright and exciting springtime beauty regimens.

The beauty and fashion trends change as quickly as the seasons, but keeping up is easier than it seems.

Fashion trends in the winter tend to include dark and neutral colors: black, grey, brown and dark green. This could make it seem difficult for some to transform their style to the lighter, more pastel colors that are trendy during the spring.

First, it could be helpful to know that some winter wardrobe pieces help to ease the transition into spring fashion.

In the winter, you can layer an outfit with a zipped up bomber jacket or a denim jacket with a scarf. As for the spring, you can wear the same stylish jacket unzipped with a light colored shirt underneath.

It may seem scary to switch out Ugg boots for gladiator sandals, but the change does not have to be that drastic just yet. While a staple for the winter is wearing boots, looks can be transformed for the springtime with shorter-styled ankle boots.

When it comes to accessories, some people love wearing scarves during the winter. This trend can remain throughout the spring if you switch out your heavier scarf for one that is lighter and thinner.

Choosing a bright colored scarf with a more neutral outfit is yet another good way to slowly introduce spring trends back into your wardrobe.

While clothing trends are quick to shift, people also choose their nail polishes based on the time of year. Typically, winter is filled with glitters and darker colors such as red, purple, blue, or black.

Once the weather starts getting a little warmer and more comfortable, it could be time to change that nail polish to lighter pastel colors. These could be lavender, yellow, baby blue, and even a soft pink.

Makeup trends, much like the wardrobe trends for winter, predominately revolve around darker colors. As spring gets closer, makeup artists are ditching the darker eyeshadows for much a more natural look, incorporating beautiful colors like orange or aqua.

Artists specifically suggest trying natural eyes for those who look for spring makeup ideas.

Typically referred to as “barely there” eye makeup, you can pair this subtle look with a bright red lip for a pop of color.

Some people take seasonal changes to an even further extreme by dying their hair based on the time of year.

Though this is completely subjective, Marie Claire suggests that people dye their hair darker with cooler tones for the colder months; this means sticking to chestnut browns and ashy blondes. Spring is typically a time to brighten your look up with lighter hair colors, such as blonde or platinum.

Though some people choose to live by the word of Cosmopolitan or Vogue magazine, others decide not to let the media tell them when to wear certain colors or fashion pieces. Therefore, it is important to take the words of this article lightly and fit them into your own style.

Whether a person wears black when its trendy, during the spring, or year round – all are perfectly fine.

While many people find inspiration from the celebrities featured in these fashion magazines, personal and unique trends can be created as well. You can even become the model that your friends look to for trends.

You may not be featured in Cosmo with your new looks, but don’t let that stop you from expressing yourself through fashion.

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