Viva L’Italiano is Revived on Campus

CSI’s Italian Club is Back!

By: Gianmarco Panzini

Everyone is welcome again to indulge in some gelato, learn some Italian, or just have a few laughs at the CSI club Viva L’Italiano on Thursday afternoons.  

President of the club Viva L’Italiano of CSI, Samantha Massey, plans to resurrect this club from once being canceled, to a growing and active club.

“We want to create a better awareness for the Italian culture and language,” she said.  “It’s open to everyone at CSI.”

Two years ago, before Massey was president of this club, the club Viva L’Italiano was created. Unfortunately, the club was later canceled.

With help from fellow students and professors within the Italian language department at CSI, Massey brought the club back to life.  

Massey found her love for the Italian culture and language through memories with her grandmother speaking Italian.  

She latched onto this, helping to feed her desire to learn the language and culture.   

Having teachers and professors throughout her life who displayed an intense appreciation and devotion to the Italian language and culture helped guide her into falling in love with it.   

Massey has also been to Italy three times – once while on a school trip when she was younger and the other two times when she studied abroad in Florence.

“I feel as if the culture is not appreciated as much over here,” said Massey.“Over there, they are more prideful of their Italian culture.”

Viva L’Italiano is a relatively small club that strides to flourish and spread the beauty of the Italian culture and language.  

This club is not only for Italians or Italian-Americans; it is open to everyone willing to enjoy the culture and language.  

The professors in the Italian language department at CSI are quite enthused about the club. They urge students to join and further their love for the culture.

Italian major, Rosa Aprilino, is another student, like Massey, who adores the Italian culture and language.

“Being an Italian major has been a great experience, between learning about the history of Italy and reading the literature written by great Italian writers,” she said.

“I just joined the Italian club, which has been great to get to know other students who enjoy learning about the Italian culture.”

As a revived club, they can start creating fun events for students again. Some past events include a Jovanotti concert and Italian film showings.  

Viva L’Italiano plans to have more events and to hit all aspects of the culture.     

Massey also tutors Italian and is currently student teaching at Susan Wagner High School.  

At first, she was a bit shaken about how her students felt about her teaching because of bad results from the first exams. Later, she was comforted with seeing her students progressively getting better and learning more as time went on.  

The feeling of teaching students and having them learn something was rewarding to her.       

Massey strives to do what her professors have done for her, inspiring her to love the culture and pass that love and knowledge down to students, who hopefully will share it the same way.   

“What made me love the Italian culture is the professors,” Massey said. “When you take classes with professors Ureni, Ferrari, and Milligan, you feel the love that they give off for the Italian culture and language.”

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