April Fools!

Dressing Like a Dad: The Hottest Trend of 2018

Embrace Your Dad Bod with the Latest Fashion

By: Veronica Pistek

A classic Dad outfit that will surely never go out of style. (Credit: google.com)

Get ready to pull out those white tube socks and New Balances. This year is all about embracing your dad bod with the latest fashion trend: dressing like a dad.

The iconic dad jean has never been more in demand. These iconic baggy, light wash denim pants never go out of style. Pair these high-waisted bad boys with a brown leather belt and attach your cell-phone to the buckle and you will surely feel manlier than ever.

Dad jeans have even evolved to set your legs free in the hot weather. Dad jorts. Yes, jean shorts. This summer fashion staple is equipped with several functional pockets to place all of your dad needs inside.

Have to bring that spatula to the family barbeque, but have nowhere to put it? Want to crack open a cold beer, but also need to mow the overgrown lawn?

These jorts are capable of holding both of these essentials while you embrace a beautiful summer day doing the only the best dad activities.

Dad denim is truly the highest form of fashion innovation. Barack Obama, Prince Will, Adam Sandler, George Clooney, and even Leonardo DiCaprio have rocked dad jeans effortlessly.

This trend is never going out of style and the stylish high-waisted feature will cover up the belly that you have been trying to lose, while making you feel just as confident as a supermodel.

No dad outfit is complete without white New Balance sneakers. These chic sneakers jazz up your look while also providing the greatest comfort.

Once you purchase a pair of these bad boys, those endless hours walking around Walmart and Home Depot will feel like a breeze.

Not only do these New Balances have fashion and function, they are also affordable. Since dads all around the nation are constantly providing for their children and treating their wives, it is imperative that they save as much money as they can.

A pair of white New Balance sneakers are incomplete without white tube socks. Dig through your sock drawer deep enough and you might come across a classic old pair of Hanes.

These tube socks will lengthen your legs and define your muscular calves. Wearing these high socks will make your look pop and help you feel younger by bringing you back into the nostalgia of your college frat days.

Now that you have an overview of the bottom half of dad fashion, it’s time to think about what is on top.

You can start by focusing on finding the most loose-fitting button down possible. What’s better than feeling free while combating sweaty pits? Nothing!

There is so much variation when it comes to picking out a top: a wacky pattern, a bold color, or a nifty neutral—you will find it hard to choose the hottest one.

Even better, you can wear a classic white tank top underneath so when you get home after a long day at work, you can relax and unbutton while still sporting freshness.

Let’s not forget the endless amount of accessories dad fashion has to offer. Whether you decide to pair your jorts with a classic fedora, or take your children to a baseball game and wear a dad cap: your head is always going to be protected and look trendy.

Speaking of protection, your eyes are an especially important feature that you can dress up. Get ready to wear some edgy eyewear.

It does not matter if it is thirty degrees and snowing outside, or you are on vacation in Florida: a pair of polarized sunglasses are going to be your best friend.

Whether you are hunting, fishing, biking, or even going to a fancy restaurant, you are going to see greater, look greater, and feel greater.

So, are you convinced yet? Dressing like a dad is the most freeing, confidence-boosting, and bold choice you can make in 2018.

If you are ready to take all of these Instagram models out of business, all you need to do is embrace your dad bod and show off this hottest trend of modern fashion.

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